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StrangerMeetUp Review


It’s a normal need for all people to be social and have friends and people to share some casual things. Some people are fine to have a couple of friends, but some need to know they have lots of people for support, warmth, communication and sharing achievements. It’s hard to have a huge number of close people in a real-life, thus the online platform StrangerMeetup is a good chance to fix this disproportion.

The site does not forbid to register with any aims: to find a couple, friend or an interesting interlocutor. It is also allowing remaining anonymous and don’t require to complete any verification procedures. Did such freedom lead to something good or bad consequences? Let’s check StrangerMeetUp.com the most common reviews and learn what users appreciate the more and which makes them suffer from lack of service.

Advantages and Lacks of the Service

Trying to understand the site and learn more facts about it the best decision is to acknowledge with reviews of those, who have already used it. In this review of StrangerMeetUp, you will find a summary of the main pros and cons, which were admitted by users of StrangerMeetUp site. So the main advantages are:

  • The free basis of the site, no fees, and charges for communication;
  • There are different chatrooms for communication between strangers;
  • The quick procedure of registration and no annoying verifications;
  • No restrictions on the aim of being a member and no limitations in topics to discuss, except for those, which can break the friendly atmosphere of the site.

At the same time, free-based services have lots of lacks, which influence the quality of the provided service. Particularly according to the StrangerMeetUp.com reviews the dating service has the following cons:

  • Too much advertising content, which cannot be turned off;
  • The site is not secure and doesn’t have any protection tools, so members should be careful sending personal data via the site;
  • No scam-protection. As the site doesn’t have verification procedure and allows us to stay anonymous there is no assurance all members are real. Sometimes the complaints on fraudsters appear, so members should be careful speaking to each other;
  • The site doesn’t provide users with a diversity of communication tools. No special options except for chatting or sending pics to each other.

Some of these cons are insignificant and can be covered by the fact that the service is free. But some users admit that it can be difficult to communicate when you’re not sure whether a person real or not and whether your private chat will be somehow disclosed or not.

StrangerMeetUp at a Glance

  • Good for anyone, who wants to chat with others and find friends;
  • The Audience is close to 100 thousand;
  • The average age of the member is 25-30 years;
  • Additional advantages – none.

What Is StrangerMeetUp.Com?

The truth about StrangerMeetUp is that it’s rather a social platform than a dating site. It is free from charges, and which helps people to communicate with each other and spend time together chatting online. No additional features and tools make it concentrated on the main aim – to help people fight loneliness and find friends.

There are 2 ways to do that:

  • Visit public chatroom and participate in the general discussion;
  • Find someone from the chatroom to communicate privately about mutual interests.

Any of two ways are effective to spend time and no boring during the free evening. Anything else interesting about the service? Keep reading our StrangerMeetUp.Com review not to miss out a single important detail.

strangers meeta up

How Does StrangerMeetUp Work?

Services that the site provides its members with becoming more popular from year to year. Because most people still would like to have some level of socialization and communicate with at least a few friends. But at the same time, some of them do not want to leave their comfortable homes for it. So at StrangerMeetUp.com, there is possible to combine these two desires.

How to Create an Account?

The registration process at StrangerMeetUp.com is even easier than the average person can imagine. It takes up to two minutes to create a profile and start communication with other users. Everything that newcomer needs to do is to enter his name, password and email address to respective text bars in the registration questionnaire form.


sign up strangers

But here is one more news, it is not required to create an account on the site to communicate with other members there. So the person who is interested in such communication just needs to make one click without any forms and questionnaires and he aimed his goal.

Search and Profile Quality

Once StrangerMeetUp log in is made after the registration completion, the new member is able to start his communication there. Since the site provides users with an option to use it anonymously, profiles there are not comprehensive at all. But in case of communication with a stranger this works perfectly, so feel free to search for new friends from anywhere in the world.

The average profile includes the following information: the user’s country of living and brief introduction information that member wrote by him- or herself. Usually, such brief information makes other users would like to start a conversation to know each other better.

profile user

Safety and Anti-Scam Policies

There are no charges for membership at StrangerMeetUp, the site is totally free. Also, there is no profiles’ verification policy there. Moreover, there is no requirement to create a profile to use website features, the person just needs to open the chat on the site and that is all.

All of these factors are good for no boundaries communication on the one hand, but on the other hand, they are not as good for a safe environment. So every single user should find and learn at least some general safety tips in case of meeting with scammers or other types of fraudsters. Such tips and advice are not hard to find on the internet at all, just to surf it a little, so do not be too lazy to do it.

Help & Support a StrangerMeetUp.Com

There is no such option as the online client’s support on the site. And taking into account, that the safety level of StrangerMeetUp is not high enough to provide users with a 100% safe environment, it is a disadvantage. But if consider this site just for chatting, probably there are no such types of issues that require special professional support from the website’s administration.

Premium Membership at StrangerMeetUp.Com

As mentioned above, there is no premium membership or any other types of charges for membership on the site. so every single person can enter into it and get a great experience from communication with a huge number of new friends from different parts of the world. And this is a great feature for those people who do not understand why he needs to pay to communicate with someone.


StrangerMeetUp is a good way to spend some free time communicating with others without any serious plans for further. The main among StrangerMeetUp dating site reviews, which should be considered is a safety issue to prevent any possible troubles.


Is StrangerMeetUp good site?

It depends on the goals that a person would like to aim by using this website. If the aim is to have many chats with different anonymous, the site is good. But if someone would like to find his second half there, probably it is not the best option.

Is it possible to use the site anonymously?

Yes, it is possible. Moreover, this is the way how most people are using this site. That is why there is really hard to find someone for a serious relationship with such a platform.

Is StrangerMeetUp.com legit?

It is legit, but there is no guarantee that all profiles there are legit also. Because there is no profiles’ verification process and any limits there. so everyone has an opportunity to create an account there.

Is it hard to find friends there?

No, it is not. Because numerous people are seeking communication are waiting on the site. so any newcomer will be able to meet someone once he logged in.

Is StrangerMeetUp safe?

The site will not be able to provide you with a guarantee of safety level there. And it is natural for such resources that are not focused on meeting for serious relationships, but just on having interesting conversations with strangers.

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