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Double Date Ideas

11 Double Date Ideas


Double dates are a way to spend time with your sweetheart and your friends at the same time. Some things are more fun when you are in a group of four instead of just two people. This has its advantages because it’s so good to talk and cook something with your friend while your boyfriends are playing football, for example. Here are some creative things to do on a double date.

Cheap Double Date Ideas

Cheap Double Date

#1 Drive-In Cinema

This unusual spot is especially popular among couples, as it is a cheap and ideal option for a date.  Therefore, the last rows of wagons are called “Love Lane”. The advantages of watching movies in the open air are that you have a lot of own space and no one bothers you. But, besides, it is very atmospheric, especially if you, along with your friends, decided to arrange a double date in such a cinema. There is enough space for four people.  Particularly impressive are the feelings that you have while watching movies in the open air; you can watch films even sitting on the car roof or the hood. In any case, a visit to the drive-in cinema is an exceptional and creative gift for couples or those who still have a desire to build relationships. Such an event is very popular and can certainly be one of the most impressive experiences of the year for everyone.

#2 Animal Lovers

Invite your friends to walk with animals.  Even if you do not have your pets, ask your relatives if you can look after their dogs for a couple of days. You may even like them and finally decide to have a little friend. To make your double date more non-standard, go for a walk with friends and with your animals in the morning.  Get up early, make sandwiches, and watch the sunrise. It will charge you with positive emotions and give impressions for the next day.

#3 Thematic Party

You can arrange an unusual stylized party instead of the usual candlelit evening. It is one of the best group date ideas. It is even much cheaper than a regular dinner in a restaurant. For example, it can be an evening in the Japanese style. Put an oriental make-up, put on a peignoir with hieroglyphs, and decorate the room with sakura branches, fans, and aromatic lamps. Invite your friends in advance and cook together. You can serve Japanese dishes for dinner: sushi, light sandwiches. Learn to draw hieroglyphs together, listen to Japanese music, eat and enjoy a delicious dessert, a tea ceremony. Similar evenings can be arranged in any style – Spanish, Arabic, French, and Italian. Such a double date is unique and enthralling.

#4 Board Games for Two Couples

Even playing ordinary cards or twister can be a piquant and enjoyable double date. For example, the one who loses must fulfill someone’s wishes. You can do puzzles, make origami, or make some home decorations. If you want, you can even do sports together like a pillow fight, because it is important to stop feeling like adults for a moment! You can hide small surprises for each other and arrange a real quest with “buried treasures” and a map.

#5 Clubs and Parties

It is extremely important to relax and have a rest. If you have to work hard, you need to arrange a date to distract you from all the difficulties. Dancing is one of the easiest ways to spend your time actively and funny. But if you have ever had an unpleasant experience in clubs, you understand that being together with your friends is much safer. Invite your friend and your sweetheart to dance all night long. You will have more fun and get home without problems. Such a double date boosts energy and good mood.

#6 Museums or Galleries

One of the cheapest ideas to spend a double date could be going to a museum or gallery. You can find a place where you can take an excursion and develop yourself culturally. But having invited your friends, you will not have to take a guide, because you can look at the exhibits and think up funny stories together. Develop your imagination, laugh and the most boring museum will become a place where the most sincere, and joyful emotions are born. This is the perfect place to have a double date.

Creative Double Date Ideas

Double Date#7 Holiday for Four

Every couple always looks forward to spending time somewhere on the seashore, or in the mountains. With regular work assignments, family problems holidays become a dream. So it is time to arrange a date somewhere abroad, where you can feel relaxed and calm. To make it more creative and safer, as well, you can take a couple of your friends. Such a double date will bring more emotions because you will cope with all problems faster and your friends will offer some unique ideas on what to do and where to go. Moreover, be sure that if something happens, your friends are there to help you. They can also take photos of you and your sweetheart so that you don’t need to ask strangers. It will be one of your favorite double date ideas.

#8 Beer or Wine Tasting

Learn something new while drinking beer.  Nothing can go wrong with this double date.  Call the breweries near your house and organize a small brewery tour. You can have a lot of fun and spend the evening in a good company. If your friends or you are not beer lovers, then wine tasting is just for you. Many different restaurants and winemakers arrange great tastings. You will learn how to drink wine, what kind of food is suitable for one or another kind.  It is not only fun, but also exciting and educational.

#9 Small Day Tours

Whether you’re hiking or camping, relaxing in a resort spa or fishing, there’s nothing like going out with another couple. There are lots of double date ideas for adults, and one of them is camping. Camping with your partner can be cozy and romantic, but you will not feel safe enough, especially at night.  Try to arrange a date in the form of a small day trip with another couple, and maybe you will enjoy it. Your friends can make everything funnier and share funny stories with you. Moreover, you can pay attention to your partner’s wishes, and at the same time, you will not be annoying. Double dates and small day trips can bring happiness if you are open with another couple.  If you want to swim or doze for a while, your partner has two other people to talk to and have fun with.

#10 Moped City Tour

One of the most romantic and creative dates are city tours on mopeds.  Hire retro-mopeds and go to a place where you have never been to before.  New streets, new roads, new faces will appear. If there is a park or a lake nearby, arrange a small picnic there.  Besides, you can think of a route yourself and visit all the spots on your way. Your city may also open up to you in a different light.  The main thing is that you and your friends will be happy with such a double date.

#11 Restaurants or Cafes

You may want to have a fascinating conversation with your partner and spend your time together in a local restaurant.  But if you’ve been together for a while, you notice that your conversations focus more on topics such as work, your house, and problems. Of course, it is normal, but sometimes it is necessary to change something.  If you invite another couple, the conversations can be refreshing and give new ideas for reflection. If you are with your friends, share happy stories about each other or your parents and laugh.


With so much to gain from a double date, it would be ridiculous not to fulfill this idea, right? You don’t have to spend your double date in a restaurant or a cafe. There are a variety of ideas for dating that will help you to turn your meeting into something very special.

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