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NaughtyDate Review


NaughtyDate is one of the representatives of Together Networks Group. It is a service that helps to identify a free person close to the member according to specify his / her geolocation and help them to meet each other. In most cases, the aim of such meetings does not relate to romantic dating, but rather to fun and pleasant nights without continuing.

Although some people fond of each other and continue meetings on a regular basis, then consider themselves as an official couple and find happiness in each other. However, it is a rare case and it would be a mistake to plan to find a future wife or husband via this service. What you can really achieve is at least a hot and pleasant conversation, but at a maximum date, which will bring satisfaction and pleasure.

Hence, for those, who are interested in such a way to spend free nights, the following summary on NaughtyDate dating site reviews is created.

Advantages and Lacks of NaughtyDate Site

It’s always useful to inquire about real members of the site (actual and former) about things they liked and disliked. What are areas of special attention, what should be avoided or vice versa how to apply some functions with maximum effectiveness?

The first way to do that is to ask your friends, whether somebody tried the service and how it was. The second way is to perform own research and find comments left on different sites about the NaughtyDate dating platform. Or you can refer below, where major facts about this site were gathered based on real Naughtydate.com reviews.

Advantages of NaughtyDate Are:

  • The site belongs to a big and reputable group, so it cares about its reputation and does not allow any troubles;
  • The aim of majority members is straightforward and the same, there are no possible misunderstandings;
  • The site provides its member with the round-the-clock support;
  • No more than 3 minutes required for profile creation;
  • There are a variety of communication tools to use to be effective in a search;
  • The moderation of content is in place, so there are no forbidden media at the site.

Main Lacks Are:

  • A lot of members, who are in a base stopped to visit the site and became inactive;
  • There are a lot of fakes among active profiles, which constantly try to make a contact;
  • Watching photos from profiles is not a free function;
  • There is no app for applying the site via phone.

So now you know the main sides of the site positive and negative, although sometimes it is still not enough to understand all the truth about NaughtyDate service. Thus it would be helpful to learn how does it work and what tools propose to the regular members (standard and premium).

NaughtyDate at a Glance

  • Good for adult people, who are looking for naughty casual dates;
  • The Audience is over 750 thousands users worldwide;
  • The average age is 25-40 years;
  • Additional advantages – the search applied only to locations 100 miles close to members.

What Is NaughtyDate.Com?

The NaughtyDate dating site is a place, where people are looking for somebody to diversify their intimate life. It does not come down to chatting or discussing certain topics online, but to arranging real meetings and dates. Although sometimes it can really bring to serious relationships, it obviously is not the main purpose of the regular members.

To reach the goal and find a partner for the night there are several communication tools proposed:

  • Standard winks used to show the interest in a person and invite to check the profile;
  • Flirtcasts, that allows sending a pick-up phrase to anyone online to start a conversation;
  • Chatting.


How Does NaughtyDate Work?

NaughtyDate is an online dating platform for those who are opened to intimate questions and would like to hook up with like-minders. So there are a number of users who are looking for no-strings-attached and one-night stand relationships and the site provides them with an option to meet each other to arrange a real date.

How to Create an Account?

NaughtyDate log in procedure is quite fast and simple, so it will not take a lot of time to become a member of this community. The registration questionnaire form is brief and includes only five standard questions about newcomer’s gender, age, location and so on. Once all the questions have been answered the person becomes a member of the site.

signup naughty dates

Search and Profile Quality

NaughtyDate has two search tools: simple and extended. The first one can be used for free, but to use extended option users need to pay for membership on the site. The extended search tool helps to sort users’ profiles by a number of criteria based on users’ profiles’ information.

naughtydate member profile

Profiles at NaughtyDate are quite brief and cannot provide more than just general information about women’s appearance and location. For such a relationship that the website’s users are looking for probably, they do not need to know something more.

Safety and Anti-Scam Policies

There are special safety and protection tools that have been implemented on the site to provide its members with a safe environment. But every single user needs to understand that no such tool can provide him or her with one hundred percent sureness that there are no scammers and fraudsters around. Secondly, these tools do not work out of the site, when members arrange a real date.

Help & Support a NaughtyDate.Com

The site has a professional-client support team that can help users with their issues and questions. Any member can reach a support group by the email address that can be found on the site, as well as via the phone call on the hotline phone number. It is convenient to have an opportunity to get a consultation and help via the phone, especially in case of an emergent situation.

Premium Membership at NaughtyDate.Com

There are some basic features that can be used for free. But they will not be able to help users to aim the goals they have. Because to use the site fully users should pay for membership there. only, in this case, they will have an opportunity to:

  • Chat with no limits;
  • Use the extended search tool;
  • Get a premium client support service;
  • Share photos and videos in chat.


In this article, you will not find the answer: “is NaughtyDate a good dating site or not?”. The main point is to provide you with the maximum information, give you a good base for decision-making and wish you luck on the online dating field.


Is it Possible to Use This Site for Free?

Yes, it is possible, but in this case, all of the major features, including chatting, will be unavailable. It means that there is no sense to create an account on the site just to send free winks because it will not be enough to date someone there.

Is NaughtyDate.com Legit?

Yes, it is, the site is totally legit. But there is almost no guarantee that every single profile on the site is legit also. Of course, the website’s administration works on these questions, but members need to be careful also.

Will It Take a Lot of Time to Pass the Registration Process There?

No, it will not take more than just a couple of minutes. Because the registration questionnaire form will not require to enter a lot of personal information, as well as the profile’s structure. Just five simple questions to sign up and a couple more minutes to fill out a profile.

Does the Site Have a Special Search Tool?

Yes, it does, there are even a couple of such tools at NaughtyDate. One of them, the simple one, is available even for free users. But the extended one is for premium users only. With these search tools, users have an opportunity to narrow down their search circles and meet the right person faster.

Is NaughtyDate Safe?

The site provides its users with some level of safety. Safety and protection systems help with making the environment safer, but in any case, there is a chance that some profiles can be fake and scam on the site. So every single user needs to find and learn all of the safety tips to avoid him- or herself from scammers related issues.


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