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Cheap Date Ideas

12 Cheap Date Ideas

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Finally, after weeks or months of keeping your eyes open on online dating sites such as matchtruly.com,  victoriahearts.com, loverwhilrl.com and so on, you have met that girl of your dreams. You have gone on a first date and would love to keep the spark on.  You probably love romance and would love to go for date nights frequently. However, that can be very expensive and with hard economic times and other pressing matters requiring money you might not afford these frequent date nights.

This does not mean that you let your romance die.  There are other inexpensive ways to experience romance with your lovely lady without denting your budget. This is exactly what you need if you don’t want to let financial limitations bar you from experiencing the great romance that comes with a good date.  You can still experience a great time with your date thanks to existing dating ideas on a budget.

Fun Cheap Date Ideas

12 amazingly super cheap date ideas are as follows.

#1 Go Hiking

If you both love nature and outdoor activities, then a hike will be a great idea. A good hike is relaxing, challenging, and fun. Go for an easy trail,  but also make sure it includes scenic overlooks, amazing natural features such as waterfalls and so on. Take lovely pictures of natural things and take your time to admire the amazing beauty of nature.

Cheap Date

You can also take time and have intimate conversations as you walk the trail. Most hikes can happen for free unless you are entering a secluded resort trail. But most state parks will only charge you for parking and nothing else. You can carry water and snacks to make the exercise easier.  You will spend very little, and at the end of it, you will have so much fun and bond with your lady in a special way. That is exactly what a real date is all about.

#2 A Park Picnic

This is one of the coolest romantic date ideas that are very affordable. Make food from home and bring it along with some snacks and beverages.  Pack a blanket and some chairs for you to go to your local park for lunch. Spend time eating the food, talking, and people watching. This could be the time where you plan your life or what you will do the next couple of years or months.  You can even propose to your partner here and make it as romantic as possible.

#3 A Scenic Drive

If you don’t feel like hiking or hanging around at home, you can always take a scenic drive. Scenic drives are different every season. You can have your scenic drive during autumn, and if you happen to live in an area where leaves change colors and fall, then you will have quite a view to treating yourself to.  Scenic drives during spring are also beautiful with all the flowers blooming, and summer also comes with its beauty. If you happen to live near coasts, then you will experience the most beautiful scenic drives during summer and spring because highways near the coast will give you the view. Winter scenic drives are also awesome, you can have this fun drive just to see the houses light up.

#4 A Fun Photoshoot

Most smartphones today have good cameras that will make your photoshoot a success.  This is why you don’t need any extra equipment to conduct a photoshoot other than that selfie-stick.  This is the time to look for beautiful natural scenes to take your photos. You can do a double date with another couple so you can take pictures of each other.  There are some pictures that you will look better without the selfie sticks.

#5 A Day Trip

If you live near major attractions, you can make a plan to have a day trip to sight-see.  The only thing that will cost you will be gas for your car that is if you prefer to drive, but you can still use public means like take a train, or a bus if you like.  Take a look at some areas near you and check out the fun things you could do in those areas. You can dedicate a single day and be local tourists, just you and your love.  Bring your food and snacks to make the day pleasant. Hardly an expensive trip but it will be worth it with all the beautiful memories you are going to create.

#6 Visit a Museum

Do you happen to be history buffs?  Well, if you are, then museums could be quite fascinating for both of you.   You will enjoy learning about the history of your local area of certain things and events that happened. Most museums charge a very little price of admission, which is quite affordable. On some days, museums don’t charge the fee and allow people in for free.  You also don’t need to go to museums that look like grand buildings; you can also go to educational centers, parks, national heritage sites and other places that tell the history of your country or town.

#7 A Botanical Garden Visit

Botanical gardens are beautiful and often found in picturesque locations. They are great romantic places to visit whether you are going during the day or evening. Some are free to visit and quite informative once you get inside. You get to see all sorts of flowers and historical sites for those who have them.   For others, it takes a few dollars for you to be treated to a site tour. Besides a botanical garden would be a great place to pop the question.

Cheap Date Idea

#8 Get a Dessert,  Tea or Coffee

You can go out and have a cheap but satisfying date. You can grab dessert, tea or coffee, which is a lot cheaper than going out for a full-course dinner. However, if you wish to splurge a little, you can always go for the new flavors of coffee, dessert or tea. There are intimate coffee and tea shops and bakeries that are perfect for low-key dates because they have the best environment for proximity and quiet and intimate conversation.

#9 A Zoo Visit

A zoo visit can be very interesting, especially if both of you are animal lovers.  The price of admission in most zoos is quite affordable. You can look at the animals, take photos and pet those that can be pet.  Pack your snacks because most zoos are known to sell their snacks at exaggerated prices. This is a great way to enjoy time with animals that you both love and the lovely company together.

Cheap Date Night Ideas

Your inexpensive dates don’t only have to happen during the day, they can happen at night too. You can have fun right in your own home and here are some useful date night ideas to help you achieve that.

#10 Do Movie Night Marathon

You can do a movie night right at home.  Get old classics such as “Gone With The Wind”, “Titanic”, “Casablanca” or newer versions like “Fast and Furious”, “Isn’t  It Romantic” and so on. Do a couple of interesting movies and make lots of popcorn. You will only spend money on popcorn and drinks, and at the end of it all, you will be both tired and happy, which is how every date night should end.

#11 Get Creative

The same way date nights have gotten scarce because of your limited budget is the same way getting in touch with your creative side has fallen by the wayside.  Think about the last time you painted, drew a picture, or did coloring. Were you seven years old? Well, it is time to introduce play into your life again and this time share it with your partner. You can buy an adult coloring book and then pick certain illustrations to color. Color together and take it a step further by drawing cartoon versions of yourselves.  Pick favorite pictures and try to paint them. You can do all this in the confines of your home. You will only spend on coloring pencils and books. Also, you can prepare a homemade meal afterward or order and enjoy the meal together.

#12 Discuss Your Future Together

You can take time and drive away to some secluded area and discuss your future together. It might have been a while since you discussed your relationship. Maybe this is due to being busy at the workplace and not having time to spend with one another.  Talk over some wine or beer and make good plans for the future. Reconnect regularly and discuss any concerns or desires that you might have related to the relationship or your personal life. This will ensure that the relationship remains healthy and that whatever issues arise can be addressed before they cause a dent in the relationship.


Cheap date ideas are awesome. Going for a cheap date does not in any way make the experience less valuable.  It does not devalue your relationship in any way. Most of these cheap date ideas are amazing and create the most wonderful memories.

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