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anniversary date ideas

13 Anniversary Date Ideas

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The anniversary is a day a couple should spend together.  Whether it’s the first year or a 10th year, you definitely should enjoy it with your love partner.  The best way to make something special is to plan it. Even if you have a tight budget, you can still do something memorable, and that will not cost you a fortune. You should do something unique, and here you can find plenty of things to do for the anniversary that will win the heart of your beloved.

One Year Anniversary Date Ideas

#1 Romantic Date

Holding hands and looking at the sunset together, what can be more lovely, warm and romantic, especially when it is your anniversary?  Go to the seashore, otherwise to a lake, settle down and watch the sunset. Take a bottle of wine or champagne and two glasses. If you want to be more prepared, buy candles, blankets, and flowers for your beloved, so that you enjoy the atmosphere and cool breeze together.

#2 Plan a Fancy Date Outside the Country

When you spend almost all your free time working and don’t have enough time for traveling, going on vacation sounds like a fantastic idea, right? If you and your sweetheart like to travel, this idea is ideal for your anniversary. Although it is a little bit time consuming because a lot of planning and packaging is needed, your wife or husband can help you. You can also buy tickets in advance if you want to go abroad. Choose the perfect place where you think you can spend time together and have a fantastic date.

#3 Non-Standard Cinema

If you have never been alone with your partner in the cinema hall, then it might be a good pastime for your anniversary. Many cinemas offer such services. Organizers promise a romantic menu, candles, and roses. If you do not want to book a mini-cinema, more traditional options are not worse. But what could be better than a whole hall only for you, where nobody disturbs or distracts you? A place where you relax, enjoy the movie, laugh and talk whenever you want.

#4 Go Geocaching

Geocaching is an extraordinary activity, where strangers hide little “treasures”, and then send others their GPS location. It resembles “hide and seek”, but for adults. This is a great way to celebrate your anniversary unconventionally: you will get excited and have fun doing something new together. If you want to make this game a bit bigger, invite your friends, divide into teams, and play together.

Creative Anniversary Date Ideas

Prepare romantic decorations in your bedroom or hotel room
Whether you spend time with your wife or girlfriend in a hotel room of a chic hotel or at home, decorate your room with beautiful and elegant things. Show your love, bring a glass of wine, cook dinner, and create a romantic date atmosphere. You may also buy aromatic candles and cook something sweet together. Try to remind some funny and pleasant situations that happened to you during the time you have been together. Perhaps you have preserved things that resemble magical moments or music that you listened to during the first dates. This evening and night promise to be unforgettable.

#5 Relaxing SPA for Couples

Do you feel a lack of energy after an annoying schedule?  Since you plan what to do for anniversary, you need to relax and recharge your batteries by relaxing spa treatment.  Book spa treatments at a luxury spa salon nearby. You will be able to enjoy this date with your beloved.  For the thrill, buy unique and non-standard massages.

#6 Make a Photoshoot

Maybe it’s time to create an album with your family photos? Anniversary is an excellent occasion to gather the whole family or friends to make a photoshoot. You can also arrange a Love Story photoshoot for you and your partner.  Who does not like beautiful pictures? Moreover, there are plenty of thematic photoshoots. It all depends on the imagination and professionalism of the photographer and, of course, your wishes and preferences.

#7 Night Ride

What do you think about driving around the city at night together? You can rent a car, depending on your preferences.  Maybe you like vintage cars, or you want to rent a limousine, why not do it on your anniversary? This does not mean only driving a car. Take also some snacks and sweets or have dinner in your favorite restaurant. A good option is also to visit the places where you first had a date or where you haven’t been for a long time. Make a city tour, discover places where you have never been before, and this will be a wonderful date.

#8 Open-Air Cinema

Why don’t you create your own open-air cinema? If you or one of your friends has a large yard, take a projector and a small portable screen (you can easily rent it in any business center, since such screens are used at meetings and conferences).  Install it in the backyard and take your car or rent it. Bring food, popcorn, and candles. You can also invite other couples or family members to join you if there is enough space.

#9 Cooking With a Chef

A date in the format of a gastronomic master class, where you and your partner cook several dishes under the guidance of the chef, can be held in any culinary studio in your town. This has become a very popular activity, so finding such a master class is not a problem. An individual workshop assumes that there is no one besides you and the chef in the kitchen. This means that you rent a whole room for your date. If you don’t want an individual master class and want to have more fun while cooking, take your friends or relatives. So you will remember this anniversary forever.

Extreme Anniversary Date Ideas

#10 Go-Karting

Who told you that dates should be slow and quiet? If your companion loves speed, then give him/her a certificate for karting – a small racing car without a body. To arrange a date, it’s enough to find „go-kart racing spots“ in your city and choose a day.  As soon as you arrive at a raceway, you will be given all the necessary equipment, be taught all the rules and you can start riding. There is an opportunity to rent any car you want and arrange competitions between you and your sweetheart. This anniversary date idea sounds so crazy, but it will bring adrenaline and diversity to your relationship.

#11 Go on a Balloon Ride

One of the most unique anniversary activities is a balloon ride; it is a kind of picnic but in the air.  If you are convinced that you can enjoy such an activity, then it can become your best experience ever.  Hot air balloon festivals are trendsetters. Some festivals take place annually. Maybe, your anniversary falls at the time of such a festival- then it will be cheaper. Flying in the sky, watching magnificent landscapes – it is a kind of paradise for every couple.

#12 Jump With a Parachute

Undoubtedly, you took a certain risk when you decided to marry your girlfriend/boyfriend, because who knows how it all will turn out after you have become a family.  But now you understand that you have lived a long time with your beloved and everything is good. So why not take a chance and celebrate your anniversary date extremely? Take the first parachute jump together.  Share these indescribable emotions with your sweetheart. Moreover, now it is becoming more popular, many new parachute centers have recently opened, and they ensure your safety.

#13 Date Night at Home

You can also celebrate your anniversary at home, but do things that you would not normally do. For example, spend your date without your phones, computers, you could create a new game, write a song, make a special dessert or you could even write your love story.


Time goes by.  And there is no doubt that you and your beloved always stand side by side like a team.  No matter how much money you spend on your date, many amazing cheat anniversary date ideas can strengthen your relationship and bring more happiness in your everyday life.  Try to make your anniversary memorable by arranging something special.

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