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Gay Dating Ideas

11 Gay Dating Ideas

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Coffee shop, movies, and dinner date routine are one of those cliché date ideas that many gay couples indulge in. You didn’t find your partner on loveswans.com, victoriahearts.com or any other dating site just to bore them and let things be platonic.  You had great plans for this relationship that you have sort through untraditional means. This is why you will need an untraditional date regularly to keep things spicy. There are gay dating ideas for first dates and there are those ideas that are amazing for a relationship that has existed for a while. Dates are generally meant to keep the romance alive.  To make your date special as a gay couple, here are some gay dating ideas for both first date and existing relationship dates that you will love.

First Date Ideas

Here are some first date ideas that you will love.

#1 A Beach Or Park Day

There will be lots of sand and beach or lots of greenery and fresh air in the park.  You could plan a picnic in these places. Buy one of those old school picnic baskets and fill it with your favorite snacks along with your favorite wine.  You can enjoy the cool sea air or the park’s fresh air as you chomp on the snacks and toast to life with your favorite wine. Talking of the future or nothing at all as long as you enjoy each other’s company is great. Besides, there is always something sexy about a gay couple sharing a drink at the beach or a park.

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#2 A Roller Coaster Ride

Not the emotional roller coaster but the actual one like the one at Disney park for example. If it is your first time dating, you can learn a lot from your date from the kind of ride that he enjoys. You can test each other’s skill levels and even win each other one of those big teddy bears.

#3 A Wine Tasting Experience

You can both attend a wine tasting event which will be a great opportunity for both of you to learn about wine and each other’s fruity flavors.  These events are fun, relaxing and memorable. Spend time at this event and talk about your relationship as you taste a couple of the world’s best wines. You don’t have to be living near a vineyard, you can always check any wine tasting events near your city and travel to those events. Most of these events are affordable so you don’t need to worry about costs too much. You could also have a sumptuous meal afterward or before the wine tasting depending on whether you would like meals after a wine or before wine. You are going to be doing more than tasting the wine in the end.

#4 A Book Signing

If you both love books, then you are going to love attending book signings together.  Smaller and big chain bookstores hold book signings oftentimes. You can visit a bookstore near you before you have your date and ask when the next book signing I happening. Plan to have a date with your guy on the day of the book signing.  It doesn’t matter if you both know the author or not but if you know the author it makes the event even better. You don’t have to buy a book, but you will have a great opportunity to spend time with your date. Move around the book aisles and talk about the kind of books you both love.  You can buy a book for your date as a present if you like and can afford to. Later on, you can have lunch together and talk some more about your plans for the future if any.

#5 Horseback Riding

You and your date can have a blast riding horses. Various campsites also offer horseback riding and you don’t even have to ride a horse to have a great time.  Walk him, then tie him down and sit on the grass with your date, exactly like a good old western love story. Talk or sing to each other and it will feel so good.  On the other hand, you can decide to ride the horses wildly and even play cowboys. If you have both had experience riding before, then you are going to love this experience.  If only one of you has the experience, then one can teach the other. At the end of this horseback riding experience, the bond between the two of you will be stronger.

#6 Café Poetry Readings

Look for a

cool dark café where poets sing their sultry lyrics near you because they exist.  You could even ask your local coffee shop about their order of events and any artists coming.  They may feature a poet, a band or a poet with a band. You could take a cup of beverage for you and your date and enjoy the poetry lyrics. This works perfectly if you are both poetry lovers and even if you are not, your love for poetry might begin there, no one listens to live poetry and remains the same. Therefore there is no doubt your relationship will change for the better.

#7 Roller-Skating or Bowling

This is one of those gay romantic ideas that you will both love. You can talk in circles around the roller rink. Share a lane or skate side by side, not only is this romantic, but it is fun too. Keep the conversation going while you are at it.  From such a vigorous activity, you can tell if your date is easygoing and adventurous or a killjoy. If he is having as much fun as you are then you are both on the right track.

#8 A Remote Town Or Resort Community

Organize a one day stay in a remote town or resort community. Book one of those higher-end downtown hotel rooms and live like those rich and famous types of Beverly Hills. Wine and dine, enjoy the food, the pool and whatever nighttime entertainment that is being offered. If you love the atmosphere, plan a stay for a couple of days. If you have had enough for one day or night, you can simply walk out of the revolving doors as a satisfied couple.

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#9 Game Night with Another Couple

You can grab your favorite snacks and invite several of your besties to a game night.  It could be a game of monopoly star wars edition and whatever game that is currently the rage.   After this game session, you will be happy and satisfied by a night well-spent in fun.

#10 Fun Farm Activities

You can get down and dirty with your date. If you have a farm back home you can travel there with your date and do some fun farm work.  If you don’t have a farm consider farms that also offer accommodation for travelers. Some sites have farms listed that offer people a fun farm experience where they get to pick their fruit.  You can both pick pumpkins, strawberries, apples, watermelons, corn and so on. You can enjoy the farm scenery, eat organic farm food and drive around in the farm tractor to secluded spots where you can make out.

#11 Yoga Sessions Together

Yoga is not only beneficial health-wise but a great way to bond with your hubby or boyfriend. You will feel better and more flexible. You can have lunch after a yoga session and talk about important things in your life. It will still be a day well spent.

Your relationship is special, if you want to keep the romance alive,  keep things spicy and the fun flowing, you have to go out on dates. It is another way of letting your partner know how much you love them.

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