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20 Hottest Korean Women


Korea is a beautiful country with unique traditions and rich culture. All of that has influenced Korean women and made them very loyal and devoted.


Lee Hyori

  • Instagram: instagram.com/hyoleehyolee/

Lee Hyori is a South Korean singer, record producer, activist, actress and television presenter. She was born on May 10, 1979 in Changwon, South Korea, and began her career in 1998 as part of South Korean pop girl group Fin.K.L. Being the eldest member of the band, she became the leader of the group. Upon releasing their first couple of singles, Fin.K.L. became the most successful South-Korean pop group of all time. Lee performed with the band for almost four years but eventually decided to separate from the band to embrace her solo career. A year after Fin.K.L’s fourth studio album Forever, her solo debut album was released on August 2003, entitled Stylish. The lead single “10 Minutes” became one of her signature hits.

Lee Hyori
Lee Hyori Photo

Apart from being an extremely successful singer, Lee Hyori has also appeared in a number of television shows throughout the years and even played herself in several movies. Lee Hyori has such great influence on the South Korean culture, there even was a video game called Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 that featured her as one of the characters.

Besides her main areas of activity, Lee is also a social activist. She tries to use her fame to better the world, hence since her debut in 1998 she has been continuously raising her voice for social causes. One of the things she fights for is animal rescue. She has given money to shelters along with taking in stray and abused animals.


  • Instagram: instagram.com/xhyolynx/

Born Incheon, Kim Hyo-jung is a South Korean singer better known by her stage name Hyolyn. Hyolyn was born in 1990 and became famous because of being a part of an incredibly popular South Korean girl group Sistar and their sub-unit Sistar19.

Hyolyn Photo
Lee Chae-rin Photo

Hyolyn appeared in the variety show “Immortal Song 2” from June until September of 2011, and was named to be the top winner in the pilot episode. Because of her great vocal ability and stage presence on the show and other variety programs, she has been labeled as the Korean Beyoncé by some singers within the country.

Apart from being a successful singer, Hyolyn has also made an appearance in a film Dream High 2 back in 2012 where she played the main character. The movie had a warm welcome from the public and was recognized by the critics, too. In fact, for her portrayal of Nana, Hyolyn was nominated for the Best New Actress by the 5th Korea Drama Awards.

Lee Chae-Rin

  • Instagram: instagram.com/chaelincl/

Lee Chae-rin better known by her stage name CL is a South Korean rapper, singer and song writer. Lee Chae-rin was born in 1991 in Seoul. She had a rather early start of her career as this beautiful woman got her first feature back in 2007 when she worked along with Big Bang on their hit “Intro (Hot Issue)”.

Lee Chae-rin

CL got her stage name in 2009 when she was placed as the leader and main rapper of 2NE1. Together with the band, Lee achieved significant success with the number-one single “I Don’t Care” from the group’s first extended play, 2NE1, which won them the “Song of the Year” award at the 2009 Mnet Asian Music Awards, making them the first rookie group to win a daesang in the same year of debut.

In 2014 CL left the group to start her solo career, which banged with the release of her single Hello Bitches. The track made her popular worldwide, creating an international fan base of the South Korean rapper. She then proceeded to go on the world tour to multiple the number of her admirers.

Jun Ji-Hyun

  • Instagram: instagram.com/giannajunfp/

Jun Ji-hyun is a South Korean actress born on 30 October 1981, also known by her English name Gianna Jun. The movie that brought her success and fame a romantic comedy My Sassy Girl (2001) where she played the role of The Girl. In fact, this movie was one of the highest-grossing Korean comedies of all time, so it was only natural that soon after the release of it, Gianna became one of the most demanded actresses of South Korea. Other notable films include Il Mare (2000), Windstruck (2004), The Thieves (2012), The Berlin File (2013) and Assassination (2015).

Jun Ji-hyun Photo
Kim Tae Hee Photo

However, it is not only Korean films that Jun Ji-hyun has starred in. At the end of 2006, it was announced that Jun would be making her long-predicted jump to Hollywood as the lead role in Blood: The Last Vampire. After debuting in the Hollywood, Jun rose to international popularity and launched her own luxury jeans brand in 2008, named “Gianna by True Religion”, her first celebrity line.

Over the years, Jun Ji-hyun won a number of different awards, and was named the Best Korean Actress.

Kim Tae Hee

  • Instagram: instagram.com/taehee35/

Kim Tae Hee is a famous South Korean actress that was born in 1980 in Ulsan and is considered to be one of the most beautiful Korean women to ever exist.

Lee Ho-Jung Photo

Kim’s career started in a very unexpected way as she was simply scouted by an advertising executive when he saw the girl on the tube back in 2000. He immediately offered her a modelling job, and very soon the girl was already making her first appearances in commercials, both printed and on television. Her acting debut happened when she got a small supporting role in the 2001 melodrama Last Present. It was not until 2003 when she portrayed the protagonist SBS TV series Stairway to Heaven that led her to true fame. After that she also starred in Love Story in Harvard, successful performance in which made one of the most sought-after faces in the TV commercial industry. Besides, she was also picked by Korea Broadcast Advertising Corporation as the top advertising model of the year in 2008, earning her title of “CF Queen”.

Lee Ho-Jung

  • Instagram: instagram.com/holly608/

Lee Ho-Jung is a South Korean actress and model born on March 15, 1997. She is best known for her modeling past as she was highly appraised for both her looks and her ability to work hard in the challenging environment of the fashion industry. She received a lot of recognition and despite her not having been a model for a long time, under the management of her mother agency Esteem Model Management Company, Lee Ho-Jung has appeared in a number of Korean editorials of well-known magazines. For instance, she was featured on the cover or pages of such giants of the fashion world as Vogue Korea, Elle Korea, the W, and other popular fashion magazines. As well as that she was also a part of a number of music videos.

Gabi Moon Photo

However, it is not only modelling Lee Ho-Jung is famous for. In fact, she also is an extremely successful actress best known for her portrayal of Han So Yeong, the main character of a Korean drama Flower Ever After.

Gabi Moon

  • Instagram: instagram.com/iamchocobi/

Gabi Moon is a fashion model from Incheon, South Korea. She was born on November 22, 1989 and started her modelling career when she was only 16. Throughout the years of her modelling, she worked with a number of fashion brands, both local and international. The most famous campaign she participated is was an Adidas global marketing campaign. Apart from that, Gabi was also featured on the cover of The W magazine and was served as an MC for OnStyle’s television show Get It Beauty.

Peggy Gou Photo

One of the things Gabi is particularly proud of is her amazing body. She is working hard to maintain the fabulous shape she currently has. The main platform where she shares her life updates is Instagram. Her profile has gathered over 200 thousand followers and has been named as one of the 10 Hottest Korean Female Model Instagrams by 10 Magazine. On there she talks through her weight loss journey and reveals her diet and lifestyle secrets. For instance, Gabi has recently boasted the fact she went from her waist being 25 inches to 23 now.

Peggy Gou

  • Instagram: instagram.com/peggygou_/

Peggy Gou is a techno and deep house Berlin-based DJ from South Korea. Peggy was born in Incheon on July 3, 1991. At the age of 14 her parents sent her away to London to study English there. In the UK Peggy quickly tasted the big city life and decided to stay in England. She then went to the London College of Fashion to study fashion. After graduating, she worked as the London correspondent editor for Harper’s Bazaar Korea, and then moved to Berlin, Germany, where she delved deeper into the world of music and underground raves.

Peggy Gou

Gou learned how to DJ in 2009 from her Facebook friend from Korea. She had her first gig in Cirque Le Soir, Soho, and later performed weekly at The Book Club, East London. In 2013, she learned to use Ableton and began to create her own tracks. Her first track, Hungboo, was completed in 2014. At the moment Gou is considered to be one of the most successful DJs having a worldwide tour.

Park Sora

  • Instagram: instagram.com/sora_pppp/

Park Sora is a famous South Korean pop-singer that was born on 29th of June 1988 in Busan. Her singing career started in 2009 when she joined a girl pop band called “Flying Girls” under stage name Young Ga. Since then Park Sora has been becoming more and more popular, considering the success of the girl group.

Park Sora Photo
Park Sora

Apart from being a singer, because of her fame and a teen idol status, Sora was invited to become a part of the movie cast. In the same year as she joined the group, she was chosen to play a role in a sports drama movie called “Bronze Medalist” along with Lee Bum Soo.

Currently Park Sora is a Ulzzang and a photo model. As well as that, she also works as the main model for Style Nanda.

Hye-Min Park

  • Instagram: instagram.com/ponysmakeup/

Hye-Min Park best known as PONY is one of the biggest names on Korean YouTube and in the world of makeup. Hye-Min got international fame after she skillfully transformed herself into Taylor Swift in one of the videos on her channel. The resemblance created by her outstanding makeup skills was so uncanny, people recognized Park’s talent and started subscribing to her. Pony’s channel is currently one of the largest beauty-related channels not only in South Korea but in the world overall, as she has exceeded a million followers.

Hye-Min Park Photo
Hye-Min Park

Apart from posting useful make-up tutorials, Park also shares insights into her personal life. She is the personal makeup artist CL of 2NE1, which she confirmed in one of her videos. Apart from that, Pony also has her own makeup like, PONY EFFECT.

Lee Min-Jung

  • Instagram: instagram.com/216jung/

Lee Min-jung is a South Korean actress that was born on February 16, 1982 in Seoul. She is best known for her roles in popular Korean dramas and series such as Smile, You and Boys Over Flowers. However, it was not until she starred in the romantic comedy Cyrano Agency (2010). Getting the main role in the comedy brought Lee wide recognition and promoted her to being one of the most sought-after actresses in Korea. She then appeared in multiple movies, the most notable of them being Wonderful Radio (2012), Big (2012), Cunning Single Lady (2014) and Come Back Mister (2016).

Lee Min-jung Photo
Lee Min-jung

Min-jug received a multitude of nominations and awards for her performance in the movies and series. However, acting on the screen was not what her career started from. She debuted on the theater stage, as she graduated from Sungkyunkwan University with a degree in Theater.

Shin Se-Kyung

  • Instagram: instagram.com/sjkuksee

Shin Se-kyung is listed among sexy Korean women for her outstanding looks as well as her amazing personality. This popular South Korean actress, model and singer is adored by Koreans and is praised for her acting skills. Her career started fairly early as she was a child star, but her real breakthrough occurred when she was just 19, in the year 2009, when she received a role in the sitcom High Kick Through the Roof. Since then her prosperous career sky rocketed with her starring in a number of high-grossing Korean films and series such as Hindsight (2011), R2B: Return to Base (2012) and Tazza: The Hidden Card (2014), as well as the television series Deep Rooted Tree (2011), The Girl Who Sees Smells (2015), Six Flying Dragons (2015-2016), The Bride of Habaek (2017).

Shin Se-kyung Photo
Shin Se-kyung

The proof of Shin Se-kyung’s mastery is not only the numerous awards she received for her acting but also the fact that twice she was listed among the 40 most powerful celebrities in Korea by Forbes: ranking 26th in 2011 and 14th in 2012.

Yvette King

  • Instagram: instagram.com/iamyvetteking/
Yvette King

Yvette King is a Korean-Australian entertainment journalist born in 1986. She is best known as host of E! News Asia and anchor of Fox Sports News (Asia). Throughout her years of activity Yvette has interviewed a number of celebrities including David Beckham, Victoria Beckham, Eva Longoria, Chris Hemsworth, Charlize Theron, and Naomi Campbell.

Kim Boa

  • Instagram: instagram.com/tomboaaa/
Kim Boa Photo
Kim Boa

Kim Boa is a South Korean singer best known for being a part of an extremely famous Korean pop girl group Spica.

Kim Tae-Yeon

  • Instagram: instagram.com/taeyeon_ss

Kim Tae-yeon was born on March 9, 1989 in Wansan-gu. She is a famous South Korean singer best known for her hit albums such as her debut album called /. Throughout her career she has received five Golden Disc Awards, two Mnet Asian Music Awards, two Seoul Music Awards, one Melon Music Award, and two Gaon Chart Music Awards.

Kim Tae-yeon Photo
Kim Tae-yeon

However, praise of the critics is by far not the only thing that Kim is known for. She is adored by her fans and has the largest fan base on Instagram among all Korean female singers. In fact, she was the first female K-pop star to reach the number of 7 million followers back in 2016. Gallup Korea ranked her the most popular K-pop idol of 2016, and Forbes Korea named her as the 11th singer and 32nd celebrity in their Top 40 Power Celebrities of 2016. Moreover, it is not only her fans that draw inspiration from Kim. She has reportedly been the inspiration behind an ultra-famous boys band BTS’ single Boy in Luv.

Apart from creating music, Taeyeon has also appeared in several movies, and was Margo’s voice in the Korean dub of Despicable Me.

Jennie Kim

  • Instagram: instagram.com/jennierubyjane/

Jennie Kim best known by her stage name Jennie is a South Korean rapper and singer born in 1996. Her initial debut was as a part of a girl group Blackpink in August 2016. However, she quickly realized she needed artistic freedom and left the group to start her solo project in 2017.

Jennie Kim

Apart from being a successful singer, Jennie also has other endorsements. For her elegance she has been selected by the representatives of a fashion house Chanel to become their ambassador. Jennie was chosen as the new model for Chanel Korea Beauty and shot her first pictorial for the brand with Harper’s Bazaar Korea as their new muse in January 2018. Jennie became the Ambassador of Chanel Korea in June.

Apart from that, she was also awarded by Instagram as the “Most Loved Account of 2018” in South Korea based on the amount of public interaction her account receives on daily basis.

Kim Chung-Ha

  • Instagram: instagram.com/chungha_official/
Kim Chung-ha Photo
Kim Chung-ha

Kim Chung-ha best known as Chungha is a South Korean singer, dancer, songwriter, and choreographer. Her active lifestyle positively affects her body placing her among the sexy Korean ladies. Her popularity has led to a number of fashion brands wanting to collaborate her and have her as their ambassador. Some of the most famous ones that Chungha represents are Clinique and Nike.

Ahn Hye-Jin

Ahn Hye-jin Photo
Ahn Hye-jin

Ahn Hye-jin better known by her stage name Hwasa is a South Korean rapper, singer and songwriter. This woman of many talents is well liked across the country for her hits and catchy tunes. A lot of her singles and albums have collected a number of awards. As well as that she is among the hot Korean women, considering the amount of recognition she gets on social media. Her fans are actively discussing her outstanding looks and beautiful shape.

Lee Ha-Nui

  • Instagram: instagram.com/honey_lee32/
Lee Ha-nui Photo
Lee Ha-nui

Lee Ha-nui is a South Korean actress, model, classical musician, gayageum player and a beauty pageant titleholder that was born in 1983. Throughout her career she achieved a lot, including representing South Korea at the Miss Universe 2007 pageant at Mexico City, where she placed 3rd runner-Up behind the grand winner Riyo Mori of Japan. She has been actively involved in filming recently and has appeared in a number of movies.

Oh Yeon-Seo

  • Instagram: instagram.com/ohvely22/

Oh Yeon-seo is a South Korean actress and a former singer of a girl pop group LUV. Her most memorable roles include features in films such as Come Back Mister, My Sassy Girl, and A Korean Odyssey.


There are many other hot Korean women. This list cannot feature all of them, especially considering an average Korean girl is equally as pretty and charming. If you would like to meet one yourself, it is best to use mail order bride services to connect with thousands of beautiful singles from Korea.

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