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Top Paid Dating Sites

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Dating is more complex today than before. Finding a partner takes the complexity to another level. People are no longer hanging out in social joints. Time is scarce and bills are ever soaring. There is hardly time to catch up after the class and social events are now short and precise. But life has to continue and love must be found. 

Online dating sites are convenient and a haven for finding love. Today, more people are moving their entire lives on digital platforms, including dating. There are thousands of dating sites and apps available today. Most users have a hard time deciding on the app or site to register on for this most valued service – find a lifetime partner. That’s why we have done a selection for you. The important thing to consider is that every time you come across the quality evaluation concept, keep in mind that it is subjective and requires your assessment as well.

Why Should You Pay?

Paid dating apps are sites are common and gaining popularity fast. Paying for love sounds cheap and off to most people. Almost perverted. Many would wonder why they need to pay for the services that other apps and sites offer for free.  But sometimes you have to put your money where your heart is if you want to find true love.

Forget about the small negligible monthly subscription fee and focus on the returns. How much would you pay for lifelong happiness and a true life companion? Some things can never be quantified with money. Finding a soul mate is worth every effort. A paid dating site is one of the easiest ways to land a spouse.

Paying for dating services may save you money and time as the users pay for what they value. When you are all their because of love and have invested in the course, high chances are that you will meet serious people who are heading to the same destination.

Most of the sites also come with extra features like giving users ideas for places to visit and activities that will wow your potential date. When meeting someone for the first time, it takes sometime before one knows someone deep enough to commit further. However, meeting on dating sites gives you an advantage as you can get a summary of anyone who captures your interest in their profile.

Such information helps you understand someone better, pick your best match and even give you a clue on the gifts to get them. With your foot forward, you stand a high chance happily ever after the union.

Paid Dating Sites

Not all paid dating sites are worth your attention and information though. You have to know who can handle your credit card details with the confidentiality it deserves. Life is easier when you know that you can find the paid dating sites on one page. See below.


Paying for love may sound awkward until you experience the services of sites like RomanceTale.com. Your chance of landing your soul mate on this platform is high as the database is huge and diverse.

The algorithm ensures that you find your closest match in the shortest time possible after registration. Romance Tale connects you to all kinds of people from every race. Whether you want to date within your geographical location, or are looking for someone across the borders, this site will match you up perfectly.


The fee is worth every coin and you will be happy you paid for the services that Chamerly offers. It is impossible to quantify happiness, and that is what you get when you find your soul mate.

You will never have to wait for ages as you will get potential spouses as soon as you register. Enjoy the basics as you find your way around the site for free. When you find promising leads, plan to pay and maximize all the features. Your first date does not have to be filled with tension as the site offers many dating tips.


This is one of the paid dating agencies, and it is still popular today for a good reason. Matchtruly has grown with its users as it continues to improve the site making it better. It ranks as a good all-round option for anyone seeking a soul mate.

Matchtruly.com has an excellent matching algorithm. On signing up, you will need to fill in information about yourself and beliefs. The initial process may look like a chore but the information you give will make it easier for you to get the perfect match.

The algorithms adjust to your behavior as you continue on the site, and this helps if your preferences change.  If you decide to start seeing a single mother and start a conversation, the platform adopts by changing your search to fit the change.


This also ranks as one of the pay dating sites. It is more costly and registration may take a longer time than you wish, but the services are worth every trouble. The initial registration process takes longer as you will need to fill up a detailed questionnaire. This will enable the site to find you the most compatible person within the shortest time.

You are set for a focused and tailored experience. There is no search function on the site as you get hand-picked matches daily, hence you will not have to go find people for yourself.

If you enjoy browsing the sites randomly, you will find this approach frustration as it may seem like a time-waster. However, there is no guesswork with this arrangement as it encourages you to slow down and make wise assessments of the other users.  The ingenious profile design makes the selection process easier once you have matches. You can find out so much about other users quickly by providing their most crucial attributes.

eHarmorny is user-friendly with an easy interface that makes it seamless for anyone to use. The site’s excellent customer service and the thoughtfully designed product makes you appreciate where your money is going.


Apart from the quality aspect, Zoosk is the opposite of eHarmony and Match in all aspects. Its design and operations are top-notch. Unlike the two, Zoosk has a casual fun and fast feeling. This platform is home to those people who prefer flirting with many people. It is more like one who likes checking out strangers that are attractive in a club. Fun-loving free-spirited people may find relying on an algorithm for matchmaking extremely boring.

Zoosk can build your profile from your Facebook immediately you sign up, hence do not end up with a long profile. This allows you to navigate with ease as you browse in minutes. Though the casualness and fun bit sounds like Tinder, Zoosk offers a screening of profiles like most paid dating sites. You will not encounter garbage profiles from pseudo accounts of people who are not interested in a relationship.

This site provides an interface that is minimal in a pleasing manner as the focus is on efficient browsing. The mobile app is bug-free and sleek. Although Zoosk attracts the younger crowd that have less traditional values, you will meet all kind of people on this platform.

Zoosk is also great for travel as it is popular all over the world. If you are keen on a fun and upbeat match from a different part of the world, this is the place for you. Signing up is fast and easy. You can try the site for free before investing any money in it.


Though similar to Match, Chemistry has a personality quiz test that is different and fun. Imagine getting assessed by a wacky psychotherapist, it gives the same feeling. You will need to evaluate images to get your personality type at the end which is an amusing self-reflection exercise. Knowing your personality type is worth signing up on the site if you get nothing else. However the site offers you much more, it is interactive and feels like Facebook. You will get to see update feeds of the people you are interested in.

You can play web games with matches on the site. As silly as it may sound, this is a great ice breaker as it makes you feel comfortable with a stranger online before meeting them. Chemistry provides an excellent in-between zone between formalness and casualness. It is not as serious as eHarmony and not as carefree as Zoosk.

While it has a smaller user base than the others, it draws from a different crowd and you will be spoilt for choice when you get down to finding a partner. The choices you get are worth every penny you spend on the site.

A paid dating site might actually be what you need because oftentimes those free sites can be disappointing.  Consider the above options and begin your important quest of finding your soul mate.

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