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Date Ideas NYC

12 Creative Date Ideas NYC

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New York is the city that never sleeps. Moreover, it is one of the most romantic cities in the world, thanks to the vibrant atmosphere and an incredible variety of attractions. There is so much to see and do.  How exactly you design your romantic date in New York depends on the season. Regardless of the weather, here are the best activities in New York that will give you unforgettable emotions.

Summer Date Ideas NYC

Summer is the time for outdoor walks, cooling drinks, and active entertainment. Together with your soulmate, you can make each day special and visit different places.  And New York has something to offer.

#1 Musical on Broadway

Whoever hears “Broadway” immediately thinks of musicals. There are over 40 venues on Broadway itself, and many smaller, independent venues are located on the side streets of the grand boulevard that runs throughout Manhattan.  Here you will find everything: from classical theatre to the latest big stage shows. Together with your partner, you can dance or just listen to music drinking delicious wine or coffee.

#2 View of New York’s Famous Skylines From Rooftop Bars

The skyline of New York is one of the most famous in the world.  New York visitors will find plenty of viewpoints, but one of the greatest is the Rooftop Bar. With one or two cocktails, you can enjoy the sights and sounds of New York. Great rooftop bars in New York can be found all over the city, but the 230 Fifth, The Skylark and Ava Lounge are the most recommended. They offer magnificent views, work all year round, and have perfect service.

#3 Watch the Sunset Near the Statue of Liberty

There is hardly a better trip in New York than a cruise on the Hudson River at sunset.  You can see famous locations and historic attractions such as Wildenstein, Ellis Island, and Statue of Liberty. Most boat trips offer different cruises, in different directions and you can choose from a wide variety of boats.  If you’re looking for a more romantic ride, consider a smaller boat so you can enjoy the sights of New York in comfort and tranquillity.

#4 Go to Central Park

Central Park is the most visited city park in the United States that has appeared in films, series and music videos thousands of times.  The area of this park is over 340 hectares so that you and your girlfriend/boyfriend will find what to do. You can start your evening with a meal in the Boathouse Café, admiring the view of the lake and Bow Bridge.  Enjoy the quiet atmosphere that this restaurant offers with your sweetheart. The perfect continuation is renting a classic boat. If you want to make your evening even more surprising, you can end it with a horse-drawn carriage ride through Central Park. You can plan the trip and surprise your women with flowers and chocolate.

#5 Visit Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

If you walk hand in hand with your sweetheart through the gardens, surrounded by beautiful flowers, you can easily forget that you are still in New York. Visit the annual Cherry Blossom Festival or Fragrance Garden. Here, visitors are encouraged to come close to the plants – so you can feel magnificent tenderness of flowers, smell the unforgettable aromas! Do not miss the pavilions of exotic plants where you can admire Japanese bonsai trees. If you’re in the garden on a chilly day, visit the Desert Pavilion, a beautiful replica of the southwestern desert with cactus and wildflowers. A visit to the Tropical Pavilion will quickly warm you up! Before you go, have a look at the Rose Garden and buy a bouquet for your girlfriend.

#6 Visit Open-Air Cinema in Brooklyn Bridge Park

Nothing is more romantic than the open-air cinema. The smell of summer air in the evening on a blanket in the park is fascinating and relaxing. And if you’re fed up with the city’s turbulent life — with crowds of people and constant noise, then you and your beloved will appreciate such a pastime. Classic films are shown most often in Brooklyn Bridge Park, and indescribable view of dozens of high-rises will appear on the background. Therefore, aesthetic pleasure is guaranteed.

#7 Discover New York at Night

One of the best date night ideas in NYC is a classic hop-on-hop-off tour of the city – but at night. Even 5th Avenue becomes romantic in the dark, not to mention Times Square when thousands of little lights come on and create a fairy tale atmosphere. You and your love partner will feel like movie-stars. The bus even crosses the Manhattan Bridge, giving you a terribly romantic view of the East River and the Manhattan skyline.

Winter Date Ideas NYC

When winter comes to New York, there are even more places to spend your time incredibly fun. What could be better than sitting in cold weather with your girlfriend or boyfriend in a cozy local cafe or restaurant, looking at New York’s winter streets?  Drinking a cup of coffee, wrapped in warm blankets, you can only get closer to each other. The best ideas on how to spend your time in winter in New York you can find below.

#8 Go to Rockefeller Center

Most couples like to visit Rockefeller Center – one of New York‘s most famous landmarks.  The Rockefeller Center is a tourist magnet, especially at Christmas time, thanks to its skating rink, giant Christmas tree, and lush decoration. There you can find Morrell Wine Bar & Café, The Sea Grill, Bar SixtyFive and Brasserie Ruhlmann. If you choose these destinations, you can share a romantic day or night with your beloved.

#9 Go to90s Dance Clubs

If you are lovers of outdoor activities and what to find date night ideas NYC, dancing is the right thing.  There are places all over New York where nightclubs held parties, just like in the 90s.  They are especially atmospheric because the music and style of those times cannot be compared with anything.  Invite your sweetheart and feel nostalgia together. Make your hearts beat faster. To spend even more time with your girlfriend, you can meet earlier and sit in any local cafe. The most interesting spots are Gusto, Blue Quarter, and the 18th Room.

#10 Visit Nitehawk Cinema

If you are a lover of delicious food, good drinks, and movies, Nitehawk Cinema is an ideal decision. This is the cinema in which food or alcohol is brought to you right during a session so that everything is done for you and your partner. That brings indescribable pleasure. It is a good place to rest, chill, and spend time with your soulmate. Unlike other cinemas, here you will not feel uncomfortable.

#11 Visit Bryant Park Winter Village

You can enjoy winter season – and take a walk in a winter wonderland in the Bryant Park Winter Village. This is one of the favorite Christmas places of city residents and tourists.  Here you can ride a skating rink with an area of 17,000 square feet, look at more than 170 shops selling interesting souvenirs, Christmas tree decorations, gifts and all sorts of goodies, and just enjoy a walk through one of the best parks in New York. In the park, you can find Christmas gifts for your relatives and friends, and most importantly – for your beloved one.

#12 Visit Hayden Planetarium

Hayden Planetarium is one of those places that New Yorkers call “must-see”. It is a famous Astronomical Museum in New York that is very different from all the planetariums you have ever visited. You and your partner will have the opportunity to observe the starry sky in high extensions, sitting in comfortable chairs. After that, you can visit the halls, where the history of the formation of the Universe, planets, stars, Earth is illustrated. If you didn’t have anything to talk about, after visiting this wonderful and unique place, you will have a lot of questions for discussion together.

New York Is More Than a City

NYC date ideas can help you prepare everything in advance so that you will be sure that your partner will be satisfied. What could be better than the perfect time spent in New York together? And remember: Love is not something you have. Love is something you do.

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