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10 Indoor Date Ideas


It storms, rains outside?  Or it is too cold even to go to a supermarket? Anyway, it cannot be a reason to cancel the date!  After all, there are plenty of fun indoor date ideas.

In each couple’s life can be days when you don’t want to go anywhere, you don’t want to do anything, but you want just to spend your evening at home. However, you can make your evening more interesting and unforgettable. So here you can find the top 10 ideas for indoor activities.

#1 Romantic Dinner

Choose an appropriate time and find a place for a romantic date. Perhaps it will be the roof of the house, living room or glade for picnics. To create a suitable atmosphere, you need to take into account even the smallest details – lighting, serving, decor, menu. An abundance of flour and fatty foods, strong drinks are not a good decision. A tasty liqueur, wine or champagne, low alcohol cocktails or juice are perfect for a date. Choose calm music, beautiful outfits: of course, an official suit is useless, but a light shirt and pants are fine; a woman can put on her favorite dress!

Indoor Date

#2 Activities Such as Bowling or Billiards

Of course, these inside date ideas are good in winter as well as in summer or autumn. Some women are sure that some games are created only for men, but it is a wrong opinion. Not only you can learn to play billiards or darts, but also you may compete with your man. There are plenty of such games and sports that you have never tried before:

  • kicker
  • bowling
  • darts
  • billiards
  • table tennis
  • miniature golf

You will definitely enjoy spending your date in this way with your beloved because it is entertaining, creative, and sporty. Make your cold evenings hotter!

#3 Organize a Game Night

If you prefer to stay at home, game night will be an ideal decision for your date. If you don’t know which game to choose, you can also play games that you once played as children with your friends. Make a date even more romantic and create little notes with wishes. The one who loses the game has to fulfill a wish.

#4 Go to Ballet or Theatre

If you don’t want to leave your house, but the weather is too bad to make a picnic or just walk outside, how about ballet or a play in the theatre?  Try not to go to the cinema all the time, but also spend your dates in other cultural places as well. A theatre is a place where all the elite used to gather and enjoy art.  Invite your lady, put on a beautiful suit and go to the theatre. Feel like aristocrats drinking a glass of wine during an intermission.

Indoor Date Idea

#5 Baking Cookies Together

Especially during the Christmas period, it is so cute to bake cookies together.  Share your stories from your childhood; speak about your New Year wishes. You can find a recipe for ordinary ginger cookies or bake a whole cake.  Creativity knows no bounds. You can also come up with your own cake recipe and to cook it for family parties.

#6 Home SPA

Many people adore treatments in the spa, so why not arrange them on your own? Start with a foam bath with your favorite scent, buy candles, turn on your favorite calm music, open the champagne, and do not hurry anywhere. Make your partner a relaxing massage, nourishing masks – it will be a perfect date!

#7 Make Mulled Wine

It is not necessary to go to local places every time and buy drinks there.  Especially if it is a winter evening and you want to please your beloved with something special, then make mulled wine together.  The cooking process is not complicated at all, and mulled wine is tastier than the most expensive cocktails in bars. Find a good recipe and prepare the necessary ingredients.  Your girlfriend or boyfriend will appreciate it.

#8 Evening Dance

You always dream of learning how to dance the tango, but your partner is embarrassed to dance? Why not take the first step and do it at home, especially since you can find many masterclasses and lessons on the Internet. Dancing for fun will make you happier; improve your mood, spawn passion. So you can easily go from a normal waltz to rumba, from rumba to salsa, and from salsa to tango. Such evenings liberate and bring together partners; you will want to repeat such an indoor date more than once!

#9 An Evening of Memories

One of the best inside date ideas is to arrange a nostalgic evening: listen to your favorite music, watch the video, flip through photo albums. You can have a fun home photo session (you can also hire costumes). You don’t have to take a professional camera at all, even a good phone camera can improve the mood, and then you will be pleased to watch the photos and remember this evening.

#10 Visit the Restaurant With Fireplace Room

Rainy day can spoil all your plans. If there are lots of local restaurants and cafes near your house, where you can enjoy a cozy atmosphere and delicious food, go there. You can order warming drinks or a dish that you have never tasted before. Especially in rainy weather or in winter, there is hardly anything more romantic than sitting in front of the crackling fireplace.


There are certainly lots of ideas for an ideal indoor date.  But remember that you don’t have to arrange a mega show, because you have all the opportunities to make a perfect date indoor. Just be yourself and feel good. Whatever the weather, it will not stand in the way of true love. This is perhaps the most important tip of all.

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