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Top Muslim Dating Sites 

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Muslim women are fascinating and their Islamic religion and how dedicated they are makes them even more interesting. Their values and modesty are one of the things that make them great partners.  If you have always been fascinated by their ways and would love to date one at some point, then you will need to find them. You might be living in a country that doesn’t have a Muslim majority and therefore finds it difficult to find a Muslim lady within your social circle. Don’t worry because that is why online dating sites exist. If you are a person of Muslim faith and are looking for a Muslim man or woman, you stand a better chance of landing your date. However, if you are of another religion but desire to date a Muslim partner, you can still try your luck. Just make sure you understand the intricacies that come with dating someone from another religion.

American Muslim Dating Sites

If you live in America or a part of the world where there isn’t a Muslim majority then you will have to rely on dating sites to do the donkey work for you. To make your quest for finding a Muslim woman a success here is a list of the Muslim dating sites. The only thing for you to consider is that every time you come across the quality evaluation concept, keep in mind that it is subjective and requires your assessment as well.


This is one of the sites to find a match from any culture. You only have to indicate your religion on your profile and express interest in finding a woman of the Muslim faith. There are profiles of people of different cultures and religions on this site because members from different countries around the world are registered here. The site is user-friendly with a friendly design and impressive features. It has been around for a long time helping people to find each other. However, it all depends on how much information you give on your profile and the information about the Muslim partner you expect to find.


It might not be exclusively a Muslim dating site, but it has hundreds of profiles of Muslim men and women seeking love.  The search tool here comes in handy and will help you find the perfect Muslim woman for your relationship. Marriages of Muslim couples have been attributed to connections from this site. The other communication tools on this site also make the whole online dating experience on this site amazing. The tool allows sharing of love messages, Quran quotes about love, videos and just about anything that can be shared online. It is a great site to help snag that Muslim woman of your dreams.


RomanceTale is another wonderful site, which redefines romance for anyone who signs up. Everyone who signs up is a romantic to the core. Muslim women and men are signed up on this site in huge numbers. You only need to specify what exactly you need in your Muslim woman. Give as much information as possible about yourself and take advantage of the useful tools available to make your experience amazing.  The site also has affordable membership plans that could open more useful features to make the whole process even more exciting for you.


Muslima.com is one of the exclusive Muslim dating sites that have an extensive user map.  This gives you many options from the pool of Muslim daters to choose from. Run by CupidMedia, this site has been in existence for long and always adheres to all quality measures to ensure that every member gets the best online experience. The site is free to join, but for you to take advantage of the more useful features available, you will need to upgrade to a membership plan. Overall, this site is worth your time and money in subscription to the plans.


This is a Muslim site targeted toward Muslim lovers and those who want to find their true love online. The best thing about this site is that it is truly free and all the features are available for everyone. There are no upgrades required or any limitations. All members are equal and all the profiles of high quality. Even though it is free, the site takes security very seriously. Personal information is protected and members can freely meet and connect with their Muslim loves without any fear. The site is entirely focused on helping Muslims with similar values to meet and marry. The site calls itself a Muslim Matrimonial website. Islamic principles are stressed on this site and the members adhere to them. It is worth signing up with if you intend to find your very own Muslim love.


This is the site with only one goal and that is to help Muslim people find their Muslim matches. It has also been referred to as a Muslim matrimonial site and less thought of like a dating site. But the fact is that it works just like a dating site.  You can join the site as a non-muslim, but you will have to convert along the way because it is a site purely for Muslims to meet Muslims. The site welcomes all manner of Muslims from all over the world.


This dating website welcomes anyone who is Arab, Muslim and all Arab Christians. The site welcomes both Muslims and non-Muslims alike and offers them equal chances to find love. You also don’t have to be from the Middle East. You can sign up from anywhere in the world and get the perfect match for you. Update your profile with as much information as possible.


If you are a faithful Muslim try any of the above dating sites because they are popular with the Muslim community, some of these sites come with apps to keep you connected on the go.  Whether you are a Muslim from the Middle East, Africa, Europe or the U, you have the right to find love and the sites make it easy to connect to the perfect Muslim match.

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