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10 Cute Date Ideas


Now that you have finally gotten the girl of your dreams, you have been through the first date, and you have that out of the way. You are now enjoying a great relationship that started with weeks or months of checking out profiles and matches on online dating sites such as Victoriahearts.com, charmerly.com, loveswans.com, and so on. You found this woman online, and now you want to marry her, but before you do, you want to make your dating moments the stuff of legends. You want to make her remember these early days of dating fondness.

You need that sweet experience together to make that connection even stronger than it is.   This is where the cute date ideas come in. A list of cute date ideas to help you make your relationship fun are as follows:

#1 A Bike Ride Together

If you can both ride bikes, then take your bikes or rent them. You can ride to a secluded place where you will have a picnic and then ride back home. Or you can simply ride to and from a certain place then come back home to a steamy shower and then head out to grab a bite or even better, make an order. Bike riding is a great physical activity that will also keep you fit, and you will love trying to beat each other and get ahead. If you are a good cyclist, of course, you will let her beat you.  It is the gentlemanly thing to do.

Cute Date Idea

#2 A Dance Class

This is a lovely way of engaging yourself and getting your bodies exercises.  It could be any kind of dance from salsa, tango or the waltz. You don’t have to be good dancers, that is why it is called a dance class and you will be learning this new skill together. There is that passion happens during dancing which brings you closer to each other. By the time you are done with dancing, you will be on another level of emotions.  You will no doubt be more in love with your dancing partner than you were initially, especially if you are both fast learners. But it doesn’t matter even if you both have left feet and aren’t good dancers, you will still have a lot of fun with this idea.

#3 Attend a Comedy Show

A comedy show is a great way to get good laughs together.  Find a good comedy show in town and take your lady there. Grab a cocktail and go to this comedy show.    Having that drink first will help both of you relax and open to having a great time. Make sure the comedy show is known for being funny and will make you feel great afterward. With a good show, drinks, and dinner at the end of the day, you will have a lot to talk about.  You can even recount the funny jokes and have another round of laughs.

#4 Beach Activity

You can decide to go to the beach and do any beach activity.  You can go to a beach bar and have drinks and seafood dinner. You can also have long walks on the beach or simply relax on the beach sunbathing, reading or simply have meaningful conversations as the sea breeze caresses both of you.  If you love physical activity, bring along a ball and play together at the beach. You can indulge another couple at the beach or join in a game of beach volleyball. The sea air can be refreshing and even ignite your already existing romance into an even fiery one.

#5 A Zoo Visit

A visit to the zoo is also a cute date idea. It will help shift the focus from just the two of you.  You will get to look and admire the animals, pet the giraffes or the other animals that can be petted. You will also have awesome pictures with the animals and afterward, have lunch together. This is a great way to spend the day together, and you will remember this visit to the zoo for a long time.

#6 a Drive-In Movie

A drive-in movie experience could be an amazing cute date idea.  Watching a movie in the theatre is great, but you will not have an opportunity to have conversations. A drive-in, however, gives both of you more privacy, to watch the movie, chat about your favorite scenes and snuggle closer to one another. Best of all you can have some passionate kisses when you feel the need to. As long as it is not the first date, kissing is allowed and even encouraged.

#7 Sunrise or Sunset Meetup

Do you know that spot in your area where you can watch the sunset or the sunrise, and it looks so beautiful? Is there a restaurant nearby or is it just a public place. Consider taking your babe to this spot for a date.  You can carry drinks and snacks to have an early picnic or a late one depending on the time of the day. Share this natural moment with your loved one. You can even make this a frequent thing because there is no scene as romantic as a sunset or a sunrise with your loved one. Besides, it is never tiring to watch a beautiful sunrise or sunset. That sunset you take for granted might just be the thing you need for that cute date idea.

#8 An Ice Cream Date

An ice cream date is a cute date idea no doubt.  Who says no to ice cream? Ice cream is interesting compared to a coffee date. You can choose to sit and eat ice cream on that hot summer day or decide to have a walk as you eat your ice cream. Look for a scenic view or a beauty spot and sit there with your love. Eat ice cream and have easy conversations. You can buy another ice cream when it runs out and do it all over again. Later you can sit down for lunch, play a game, or read together silently if you are book lovers.

Cute Date

#9 Cook Together

Cooking together is amazing.  You can check out recipes online or buy cookbooks. Settle on something you would love to make together and go ingredient shopping together.  If you are a great cook, this is the time to show off your skills. If she is a great cook, then you will be in for a great treat. This is also the time to bond over something lovely. When the aroma of the food begins wafting around the house, and you both sit down to eat, this will be the most romantic time spent together. You can make this a habit if you are making this relationship long-term.

#10 Watch Live Music

This is another cute date idea that you should consider. There is nothing as relaxing as going to a club and seeing live music.   This is not the same as going to a live concert, this is something low-key where you get to see musicians performing live in a club. It is lively but low-key enough to be romantic. Watching live music will also fill in those conversation lulls, and if you happen to get bored, you can both leave.


One way to ensure that you don’t get bored is by making sure the band or the musician performing is indeed someone you like or they will be singing the kind of music that you like.  It could be jazz, pop, soft rock, or blues. Make sure it is romantic music that will keep you both in the mood in case you have something planned for the night.

Going out on a date should be fun and something that you are looking forward to. Taking your lady out shouldn’t make you sweat.  You just need to be creative. Forget the dinner at a restaurant and drinks afterward that is so cliché. Think about something unique that will have your lady thinking about you for a long time. To get the cute dates right, make sure you know what your lady loves.  You don’t want to be the guy who bores their date. For that reason, come up with the cutest date ideas. The above suggestions should be your inspiration.

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