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QuickFlirt Review

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The flirt is an important component of the relationships and our lives as well. It gives a feeling of warmth, influences self-concept and mood in general. But the main aim of the flirt is to attract the attention of the person you like and show your interest in order to check whether it is mutual or not. Considering that most of the actions people used to perform online, the existence of the QuickFlirt dating site intrigues. Let’s see what it is and how does it work.

This dating platform is a part of Together Networks Group. The main aim of its members, except for pleasant time spending, flirting with other users is casual dating. The service provides several communication tools to its members. On the one hand, it is certainly enough to start a conversation and find someone to date. On the other hand, users in their QuickFlirt.Com reviews admit that there is a lack of possible ways to interact with the site’s members.

The site has several controls and limitations regarding pics and content, to stay legit. Although complaints at the fake profiles are still being received. In order to check is QuickFlirt safe, legit, and worth of attention the info from this QuickFlirt review will be helpful a lot.

Advantages and Limitations from Membership at QuickFlirt.Com

The reasons why users choose one or another dating service are common and come down to usability, site’s effectiveness, which includes many points, and general impressions from the site and its options. Regular and former users admit the following advantages of Quickflirt.com:

  • There is nothing difficult to register and create a profile on the site: the procedure is simple and fast;
  • The number of regular users impresses and gives a good chance to have a real date with many of them;
  • Most of the users are mature and know exactly what they want and how to arrange this;
  • The searching tool is free;
  • Specially developed “Safe Mode”;
  • High reply rate.

At the same time, according to the majority of QuickFlirt dating site reviews, there are also lots of areas for improvement, which should be considered by the site’s administration in order to become more attractive for new users and reach more loyalty from regular ones. So, users mentioned the following limitations:

  • The significant disproportion between men and women registered at the site (the ratio is approximately 70% to 30% respectively);
  • A long time of uploading pics and videos because of the strict moderation;
  • Limited communication features;
  • The QuickFlirt log in doesn’t consider the Facebook option;
  • Time for a reply to messages is limited to 24 hours, so if the user doesn’t check mailbox each day he is risking to miss something interesting or important;
  • All communication features are available only for premium members;
  • Lots of fakes registered at the site;
  • No app developed.

QuickFlirt.Com at a Glance

  • Good for anyone, who likes flirting;
  • The Audience exceeds 1,4 million of members;
  • The average age is 24-37 years;
  • Additional advantages – a high chance to arrange a real date quickly.

What Is QuickFlirt.Com and What Are Its Main Features?

So, as you already understood the QuickFlirt is a dating site, which serves as a platform, where users flirt with each other and arrange dates. Statistics say that a significant number of women used to seek there for emotions, some deep connections and have hope that casual relationships will reach a more serious stage.

According to our QuickFlirt.com review, the main features of the site are standard and come down to sending winks and messages. To assist you with the search and selection of the member to send a wink the site provides users with a Matching tool. Thus, from the proposed profiles user either send the wink or reject such an opportunity. This function is free.

Messaging is a crucial function of each dating platform, so the way it is organized and performed is very important. The QuickFlirt dating platform requires a standard payable subscription for those, who find a prefect profile’s owner to write. In such a way user may not only chat but send daily pictures and video letters to each other.

Safe Mode is a separate feature for the site’s members, which also requires a daily payment. Anyway, considering the number of complaints on fakes and other fraudsters it makes sense. For a symbolic price, the site will turn on a special type of cyber protection, automatic cleaning of the history log, and encryption. So users will be totally sure there are no issues, which can happen with them at QuickFlirt.com. Many sites provide this function for free, although good to know it at least exists.

How Does QuickFlirt Work?

As there are no special features and significant differences in communication channels, differences in the working principle are absent as well. Like any dating site, QuickFlirt requires registration and authorization, before the access to the site’s options will be given. Then the user can search and view profiles, manage the setting of personal page and communicate with other members.

How to Create an Account at QuickFlirt
The creation of the account is maybe the simplest thing to do at the site, which takes several minutes to fill 5 fields with standard questions and confirm the registration by referring to the link sent to the active email. The only requirement is to be older than 18 years.

quick flirt

Search and Profile Quality

Those, who have already had the profile, should complete by specifying the most important info about type and kind of relationships and the type of the ideal partner. These steps are not obligatory and can be performed at any time. If some adjustments to the profile needed they also can be done at any moment. Anyway, statistics say that completed profiles with pics and video introduction are more successful comparing to empty ones.

upload photo

Based on the info, which the user specified in the profile the search for best matches can be performed. The majority of users at QuickFlirt have detailed pages with pics, so to choose someone for dating would not be a problem. Although the site doesn’t provide the standard questionnaire, which is helpful for those, who hardly imagine how to introduce themselves.

blur photos

Safety and Anti-Scam Policies

As was mentioned above the site provides the payable service for data encryption, so all users, who are afraid of phishing attacks shouldn’t worry about it anymore. However, such users should be attentive to the account balance, because as soon the user will be out of credits, as soon the protection option will be turned off.

At the same time, the rules of the site forbid any scam, discussion about financial wealth and so on. Unfortunately, a significant number of fakes don’t follow these rules and don’t afraid bans, so can breach it easily. Thus, QuickFlirt users should be accurate and attentive to those, whom they are chatting with.

Help & Support at QuickFlirt.Com

In case of any issues, members can write to the special support email, so the request with a complaint will be reviewed by the service desk team. Although the site has a simple structure and convenient interface, so there is no possibility to receive many technical questions.

Premium Membership Benefits at QuickFlirt.Com

As was previously mentioned the site provides most of the services based on the paid subscription plan chosen by the member. The prices are higher than average. The price of the plan starts from $19 per month and can go up to $64 per month depending on the package. After the subscription the following functions will become available:

  • Messaging;
  • Ability to watch pics and videos in profiles;
  • Ability to send pics and videos in the chatroom;
  • Premium security and support functions.


Telling the truth about QuickFlirt it is worthy of mention, that the reply rate of users is high, and the activity of regular members is high as well. Although, the decision whether the site worth of investments and risk to communicate with a fake is only up to you.


How Can I Communicate via QuickFlirt?

Users can apply chat, emails, winks, and matches, send pics and videos.

Is QuickFlirt Good Site?

The answer depends on each certain user and his / her criteria.

Is QuickFlirt.com Legit?

Yes, it is. The site doesn’t allow people under 18 years to create profiles, has its own security policies, follow them and moderate the content of the site.

If I Meet a Fake, What Can I Do?

First of all, you should stop any communication with him/her. The second of all you should go to the fraudster’s profile, click the button, which looks like 3 lines and report it as fake by clicking the respective button.

Why Can the Pic Be Rejected?

Any user is provided with guidance regarding acceptable photos. Thus, if the pic was rejected it didn’t comply with some of the requirements specified in this guide.

How Can the Profile Be Deleted?

Choose the setting of the personal profile menu and hit the remove-profile-button. Please remember, that the profile cannot be restored.

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