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AmorenLinea Review

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AmorenLinea is the site, which has been operating for more than 10 years and is owned by 3H Group. The Group also owns the Oasis Network, which includes six sites, except AmorenLinea, and each of them has its own specifics and location to be focused on.

One of the most significant features, which should be mentioned in any of this AmorenLinea.Com review, is the common database for all of these sites. This way the member of any of Oasis sites has access to all profiles of the Group. However, it is a contentious issue whether a common database extends the search and helps people to find quickly what they want or just mislead those, who chose a certain website with its specifics. Below you may find the facts about user rating, site’s usability and effectiveness, which will be useful to conclude whether the site is worthy of attention or not.

Advantages and Lacks of the AmorenLinea

The sites, which belong to the large networks, such as the AmorenLinea dating site, certainly have some unique features and tools to offer its members, which are not available at other dating platforms. Nevertheless, each of these services may also have some lacks and areas for improvement. Therefore, to learn are strong and weak sides of the AmorenLinea dating platform, please refer below.

Advantages of Being a Member of AmorenLinea:

  • The access to the huge profiles database;
  • Profiles you review are all of the good quality;
  • The searching tool is free;
  • To watch someone’s profile is free;
  • The registration process is simple and requires less than a few minutes;
  • Registration is also free;
  • There is an app, which is compatible with Android and iOS as well.

As you can see in this review of AmorenLinea, the most advantages according to the majority of AmorenLinea.com reviews left on independent sources relate to the free-basis services. At the same time, the site has many opportunities to implement improvements and make users happier with the service.

Lacks of the Amorenlinea.Com:

  • Too much advertisement, which distracts the attention and is annoying a lot;
  • Different audience in case of login from the app or the web;
  • Members with incomplete profiles have limitations regarding profiles view;
  • A comparatively small number of communication tools;
  • Misleading between all sites of the group.

AmorenLinea.Com at a Glance

  • Good for anyone, who wants to fight loneliness;
  • The Audience is almost 21 million members, mostly from South America;
  • The average age of the member is 25-35 among women and men;
  • Additional advantages – it is free.

What Is AmorenLinea.Com and What Are Its Main Features?

Continuing the following review of the AmorenLinea dating web platform it is time to speak about its features and possible way to communicate with other members. It doesn’t have strict rules about the aim of being there. Members are allowed to seek friends, love or just someone to discuss the weather or any other casual thing. The main point is to help one user to find another and help them to communicate. Although, here the main issues start from.

AmorenLinea is a standard dating platform, which connects people from all over the world and counts almost 20 millions of users. Its main benefit is free communication without any charges. Although, it leads to many limitations, including the annoying advertisement, limited searching criteria under certain circumstances, the limited time allowed for a response (3 days).

At the same time, the site provides such a unique feature as Shout Out mailing. This function allows interacting with the one thousand matches at once by sending a common message to them with appealing them for contact. As a result, in response, the user receives much more attention and mails as usual. This dating site doesn’t provide any other type of communication tools like blogs, forums or another way to communicate by social groups.

How Does AmorenLinea Work?

AmorenLinea is an international online dating platform that covers almost all parts of the world. There are numerous active users from the USA, United Kingdom, Spain, Latin America, Australia and so on. Moreover, the platform has a special mobile application that helps people to keep in touch every free minute.


How to Create an Account at AmorenLinea?

There are two ways how to pass the registration process at AmorenLinea:

  • Use a Facebook profile, what will be fast;
  • Fill out a brief questionnaire form, which will not take a lot of time also.

In any case, in a couple of minutes, every person can become an active user of the site.

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Search and Profile Quality

AmorenLinea has two types of search tools that help members to narrow their search circle down:

  • Simple search that allows sorting women’s profiles by a few basic criteria, such as age, city, country and so on;
  • Advanced search provides users with more specified criteria based on the information from girls’ profiles, such as appearance, personality and so on.

Profiles at the site are comprehensive enough to find out all the major info about the woman and what exactly she is looking for there. If there are at least a couple of photos, you can get all you need to make an informed decision, would you like to know her better or not.

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Safe Dating Tips

There is a special block at the site that provides its members with all of the info they need to know about all the possible dangers that they can face on dating resources like AmorenLinea. So it is highly recommended for every single user to take time and read this block of information carefully.

Safety and Anti-Scam Policies

The website’s development team works on to make the environment that the site provides to its clients safe and protected. But in any case, every user needs to stay alert for scam and other types of fraud whenever AmorenLinea log in process is passed and let the website’s administration know about his or her doubts about some profiles there.

Help & Support at AmorenLinea.Com

Since the platform is international, it has to have a 24/7 client support team of professionals that would like to help the user with any issue and question at any time. The only problem with client support at AmorenLinea is that there is no opportunity to get a consultation via the phone call. And it is not so convenient in case of an emergency issue.

Premium Membership Benefits at AmorenLinea.Com
The platform provides its users with high-quality services on a free basis. So there is no payment for membership or some special premium account that you need to pay for. The site gets their remuneration from the advertisement, so it is a lot of it there.


The truth about AmorenLinea dating platform comes down to its nature. It is good for those, who a willing for simple online communication without any serious benefits. That’s why the service is free and that’s why it is popular. As the site doesn’t have certain aims and missions, like for AmorenLinea to connect hearts and help in family creation, it is hard to judge its effectiveness. Nevertheless, it is still the online place of meeting of a significant number of lonely people.


Is AmorenLinea Good as a Dating Platform?

The answer to this question is subjective and can change from person to person. So no AmorenLinea dating site reviews will not be able to answer on this question, because every single user should find out it by himself.

Is It Hard to Create an Account at AmorenLinea?

No, it is not. The registration process at the site is quite simple and fast, so it will not take more than just a couple of minutes to pass it. Also, there is an option to sign up with a Facebook profile, which is even easier.

Is AmorenLinea Safe?

All the necessary protection systems have been implemented at the site, which makes it safe. But in any case, scammers and fraudsters always try to find new opportunities to get on such websites, so every user should be careful.

Does AmorenLinea Have an Advanced Search Tool?

Yes, it has. Besides a simple filter that allows sorting women’s profiles by a couple of criteria, there is an advanced one that provides users with a much wider range of criteria.

Is AmorenLinea.com Legit?

The site and all of the profiles there are legit. Every single member needs to pass the verification process of his or her email address and so on. Administration of the sides makes their best to keep everything legit.

Does AmorenLinea Have a 24/7 Client Support Team?

Yes, it has. But only via their email, the address is viewed on the site of the platform, no phone consultation available.

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