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12 Romantic Date Ideas


Not only teenagers but also adults are always concerned about how to arrange a dream date with their partner. Your first date is on, and you have no idea what to do? Or you have been married for a long time and want to get some moments back in your dates? Creative ideas and suitable locations for the romantic date allow you to spend your time unforgettable and leave only pleasant memories. Thus, your meeting with your beloved becomes a sparkling date.

The following 12 Rendezvous & Date ideas can inspire you and add spice to your relationships.

#1 Nocturnal Picnic

Have you ever had a picnic at night? The time has come. It is one of the best romantic date night ideas. The benefits: a blanket, lots of fruits, a bottle of wine, lights, and a charming interlocutor next to you.  The night sky makes everything wild romantic, and you can get closer. The perfect location is usually a park, but maybe one of you has a house roof or a large backyard. If you have such an opportunity, you can arrange a picnic on the beach by the sea or the shore of a lake.

#2 Straight to the Zoo!

How long has it been since you visited a zoo? Certainly a few years, right? Surely you can surprise your sweetheart. You will have a lot of fun watching monkeys, elephants, giraffes and so on. Inquire in advance which zoo in your area is the most beautiful and perhaps there are also lots of very cute, lovely baby animals.

12 date ideas

#3 Art Begets Love

How about arranging a date that is closely associated with art?  Many galleries and museums are also opened in the evening. And it will not be boring and tiresome if you choose the right exhibition. There are extremely talented, modern artists, on whose works you can stare for hours.  Galleries offer everything from video installations and sound spaces to action painting and graffiti artists. Such a day with music and sparkling wine is not just for simple people. Of course, you should be somewhat interested in art or at least be able to turn on your imagination.

#4 Romantic Dinner in Your Favourite Restaurant

A romantic dinner in a restaurant is considered a classic option for the first date. A cozy restaurant is perfect for getting to know each other and to communicate. A cozy atmosphere and delicious food make for a good mood, and offer you the ideal ambiance for heartwarming conversations. Look deeply into each other’s eyes and enjoy the romantic date.

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#5 An Action-Packed Romantic Date for Sporty People

Your date does not necessarily have to be relaxing and calm. If you both like to do sports and want to experience something active together, here are a few suitable ideas. Depending on the season and weather, there are some exciting places for your cheap romantic dates. In summer, especially canoe or pedal boat tours are available to get to know each other better in a sporty way. Ropes course or bungee jumping promise memorable and adrenaline-charged date. If the weather does not permit such planning, ice rinks, swimming pools or sports halls are also a great way to spend a couple of wonderful hours together.

#6 Colorful Bar Tour in the City Center

How about some colorful cocktails, comfortable sofas and relaxed live music? If you and your sweetheart both like an enjoyable atmosphere and good music, here are some tips for designing a cozy bar evening. Firstly, you should decide together where to go. There are several places for a dream date that have drinks, sofas, and music on offer. To find the right bar for your date, talk honestly about your interests and aspirations.

#7 Rent Your Dream Car

In contrast to the previous romantic date ideas, this is a little bit more expensive, but it also offers something very special. Whether Porsche or Mustang – you will feel free, feel like your hair floats in the air and feel pure pleasure. He or she has certainly never experienced such a date before! With a self-packed picnic basket in the car trunk, flashing city lights and a road trip playlist, this date will be an absolute success.

#8 Drive-In Movie

If you rent a car or you have your own, go to a drive-in movie, where you will feel like being transported back to another decade.  What is more, no one disturbs you. You will not be angry with other people, who rustle with their popcorn or laugh too loud. You can enjoy the movie as a couple and even emotionally discuss it because you are almost alone.  If you prefer something more romantic, you can take blankets, so you can get a little bit closer. These cheap romantic ideas for your date will definitely win your partner’s heart.

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#9 Tea Ceremony or Photo Tour

The daily life of many singles is turbulent.  With a date idea, such as tea ceremony or photo tour, you not only relax but also take away the tension of the previous meeting. It is important to perceive and get to know your partner’s personality. A tea ceremony helps to decelerate; a photo tour of your city teaches you to perceive the little things.

#10 Wine Tasting

Wine – is a drink for real gourmets and connoisseurs.  Most romantic dates are associated with red wine.  So if you attend a wine tasting together, you will not only learn all the secrets of the proper serving and drinking wine, but also will feel like a king and his queen.  Besides, it is an excellent opportunity to taste wine in various restaurants in the future together.

#11 Shopping & Cooking

You can go to a big supermarket and pick out the food there. Shopping together can show which preferences he/she has.  One way to get your partner excited is to say that you have come across an insanely good recipe and she/he must try it.  Of course, you can practice the recipe before. You can relax and listen to your favorite music while cooking together. This provides perfect conditions for only pleasant emotions and atmosphere.

#12 Sing Karaoke

Singing karaoke is a fun way to get to know your partner better during your date.  You stand together on a stage in the spotlight, singing love songs and having fun. It does not matter if you’re really into singing.  The main thing is, you are happy with the matter and enjoy the music and the relaxed atmosphere. Also, this beautiful dating activity is especially suitable for spontaneous and extrovert singles.

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12 dating locations and activities that we have suggested in this article are primarily meant to take away your nervousness.  Once the ice was broken, everything else comes on its own! Don’t forget to plan everything in advance and be confident in everything you do.  True love is born when you enjoy simple things together and want to share your emotions with your partner.

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