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Creative Dates

9 Creative Date Ideas

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After finding that ideal partner through a reputable dating site, you want to take things further. You want to make sure the conversation goes beyond the back and forth chat messaging. You could even be married and want to treat your partner with one of those creative dates. If you haven’t dated you can begin with a date and make sure you make the best impression, to inspire this woman even if she is already your wife, to want to go with you anywhere in the world. Dates are always supposed to be fun. Forget the cliché coffee or dinner at a restaurant; you can make your date memorable with something unique. Many fun ideas will leave your date awed and both of you satisfied after a day or evening of fun. Some cool and creative date ideas are as follows:

#1 A Paris or Rome Evening Without Leaving Home

Well, if you can’t go to that exotic restaurant in a foreign country, you can always bring Paris or Rome right at home. It is simple; just decorate your apartment like that beautiful restaurant, complete with the table, table cloth, and ambiance of an exotic restaurant. You can even have a friend dress up like a waiter and speak in that foreign accent of the country of that country. Cook the themed food yourself if you can and have this friend wait on both of you. The “waiter” can then quietly disappear after the food is served. Turning your home into an exotic restaurant will showcase your cooking skills, romantic side, sense of humor and your creative side.

#2 Holiday Inn Fun

Creative Date IdeasYou can decide to get away from everyday life especially if you have been dating for a long time. Just rent a room at an affordable hotel for a couple of days. You can bring a cooler full of drinks, snacks and eat in bed. Light up the candles and eat by candlelight while reconnecting with each other.  You can go out to dinner on the last night and come right back in bed, cuddle and make plans for the future or plan the next vacation you will be taking. You can then recreate this holiday inn fun in your bedroom if you don’t feel like renting a place.  It will still be a good date in the end.

#3 Volunteering Together

You can both volunteer at a children’s home, an elderly home, a soup kitchen, an animal shelter or whatever good cause that is near you. This is a great way to connect and do something great in the process.  Make sure you are both in agreement about where to volunteer and that she loves doing charity work. If she loves children or animals you can go to places that allow you to deal with any of those. If she loves people then an old people’s home could be a great idea.  Find out something that will be fun for both of you to do and enjoy doing.

#4 Love in the Outdoors

You can carry home-cooked food and buy drinks then look for your favorite camping spot and enjoy a quiet and romantic dinner or lunch with nature surrounding you.  You can keep your drinks chilled by bringing a cooler. This is simple, romantic and very relaxing. Make sure the spot you pick is far away from the noise of the city so it can allow you a peaceful time of relaxation. You can then build a nice fire to roast hot dogs and marshmallows and then spend some warm moments by the fire.  Later you can stargaze together, just make sure it is a beautiful night with clear skies full of stars. Make sure you make the fire to win the affection of your beautiful woman especially if it is your first date. Go an extra mile and light your fire with flint and steel minus any propellant.

#5 Go Kite Flying

Flying a kite seems like a kiddish affair but it can be fun. Find a place where there are open grounds. It doesn’t have to be world kit flying day for you to enjoy yourself. You can enjoy yourself even when it is a beautiful summer day with fine weather. Buy the kites and go and have fun flying them.  If you feel like making the kites yourself, you can go ahead and make them together then take them out to the wind and fly them. Get as creative as you can with your kites. This is the best way to let the little kid inside of you out and the best thing is that you are doing this with the one you love.

#6 Visit A Zoo During Winter Time

Creative Date IdeaUsually, zoos are visited during summer because it is warm and everyone wants to go out. But during winter, they are usually deserted with only a few visitors. You can choose this time to go and see the animals. You will find animals like the polar bears and tigers very active during this time. Since you are most likely to be the only ones, it is going to make the day very special.    A special moment with the animals and you get to see the winter ones at their best with no crowds and interact as much as you want.

#7 Visit a Skyscraper Rooftop

Look for the tallest skyscraper in your city and go to its rooftop where you can see the whole city from above. You can have long talks on the rooftop and usually, most of these skyscrapers have restaurants in them. Also, you can have lunch and go back to the rooftop.  You will not only enjoy a beautiful view of the city, but you will also get great photo opportunities. There is nothing as beautiful as those romantic rooftop photos of both of you holding each other in the right places.

#8 Dance All Night Long

A good date can also be vigorous.   You can go to a salsa club, hip-hop club, rhumba or a club that is playing the music that you both love. You can have drinks, dinner, and dance the night away.  It is a great time to bond with your date. Nothing like such proximity to keep the chemistry flaring. By the time it is the wee hours of the morning, you are both tired and happy and you can catch up on sleep at your place or her place or drop her off and go to your place happy with memories of a night well spent.

#9 Watch the City Wake Up

Who said a date has to be during the day or in a restaurant in the evening? A unique date can happen at odd hours and be as romantic as they come. This is the case especially if you both work long hours with no time to relax.  You can pick her up before dawn and drive up into the mountains. Hike to the highest point overlooking the city and the sunrise region. You can use your backpacking stove and make bacon and eggs or whatever breakfast you can, pack orange juice to take with your bacon.

You can also carry snacks then settle down and watch the sunrise over the horizon, the mountains change color all around you and the city lighting up.  This will only work if you live near mountains overlooking your city. So consider watching the city wake up as a creative date idea. It is unusual but something both of you will remember for a long time.

General Dating Tips

To make your date end up well, you have to keep a few factors in mind.

Set the Right Conditions

Make plans to ensure that you are not rushed. If you have kids, make sure they have a sitter watching them that day or evening and that dinner will be cooked on time for them if you will come home late. Make all arrangements to ensure that you are not called in for work.  You can always put your phone on silent mode and check it only when you excuse yourself to go to the restroom. No need to check your social media during a date because you will be communicating to her that she is not important.

Choose Engaging Activities

Choose activities where you can engage with each other such as taking a class together, fishing together, hiking, camping, dancing, cooking and so on. Show your loved one that you value her and would love to spend good times together and sharing life.  Remember it doesn’t have to be complicated but creative and memorable. Also, make it simple, there is nothing as embarrassing as bumbling through a complicated process in an attempt to be overly romantic.

Find The Best Dating Site

This is for those who haven’t found the special one yet to go out on a date with.  Technology has made it easy because now it is easy to connect with people within your location and arrange to have dates.  Reputed dating sites such as charmerly.com, victoriahearts.com, loveswans.com, and many others can help you get started on your journey to finding love. These sites have been responsible for thousands of singles getting connected to the loves of their lives.

You can get creative when you plan for your dates. The above tips and creative ideas should guide you towards having the best dates ever.

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