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Second Date Ideas

40 Second Date Ideas

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So far, everything went smoothly: You got to know the woman, got her phone number and even made the first date with her. Soon you will have a second date – but where will you go? What are you going to do?

If you do not know yet, where you can spend your time not only interesting but also romantic, here are 40 ideas for a second date and tips for exiting time together. So surely you will conquer her heart and who knows, maybe your second date will end in a wonderful marriage.


Nature is a place where people choose to take a break from the hustle and bustle of city life and enjoy peace and tranquillity. Maybe this is really what you and your partner need? Here are some good second date ideas:

Second Date Outdoor

#1 Go for a Walk With Your Friend’s Dog

The four-legged creatures will help you to conquer your partner’s heart. But firstly, find out if she loves animals.

#2 Go to the Lake

Good weather is the ideal opportunity for picnics, swimming and more! You can feed the ducks together as well.

#3 Go Fishing

While fishing, you have to be patient, but here you can show all your talents.

#4 Go Diving

But maybe you also want to feel like a fish in the water. Take a trial diving course and get to know the fascinating underwater world!

#5 Go for a Walk on the Beach and Collect Shells

Who will find the most beautiful shells? Then you can make something great out of your trophies -it can be a great gift for your girl.

#6 Snowball Fight in the Park or Forest

Then you will warm her cold hands, of course, – and at the same time, her heart.

#7 Visit the Petting Zoo

Is she an animal-loving person? Visit a petting zoo together and lovingly take care of the animals. Where else can a first date be so touching?

#8 Fly Kites on the Beach or a Field

Flying a kite is not only fun, but it also offers a lot of action.

#9 Make a Campfire

A campfire is extremely romantic – especially if you’re toasting bread or marshmallows and you are playing the guitar.

#10 Hike in the Mountains

Are you ready to overcome long distances and obstacles together to see the most unforgettable landscapes from the top of the mountain?

#11 Watch the Starry Sky

It doesn’t matter if you are somewhere outside or in an observatory – the most important thing is that you are together. Besides, maybe you are lucky to make a wish while watching a shooting star?

#12 Ride an Elephant in a City Zoo

Are you able to do such courageous things together? Will you be scared or cheerful?

#13 Try Geocaching

Has your partner ever heard about a game, where with the help of GPS you need to find treasures? No? Then it is the best way to surprise your girl!

#14 Visit the cave

Want to feel as a researcher? Search for a way out and look at wonderful natural creations.

Relaxation and Pleasure

What could be better for both if you do not need to strain, and just relax? This will create a better atmosphere for a good talk. Here are some great ideas:Second Date Relax

#15 Sauna

Feel how hot it can be when you are together.

#16 Massage

It relaxes not only your partner but you too. You will not feel any tension.

#17 Floating

Enjoy the feeling of weightlessness in the saltwater – and let yourself drift literally. In such a relaxed situation, you can get closer without being disturbed.

#18 SPA

This is a place where anyone would like to rest. A wide range of procedures will definitely please you.

#19 Cinema

Buy movie tickets where you can lie on comfortable armchairs, and distract from reality together watching an interesting movie.


What do you feel when you discover new places? Imagine how fascinating it will be when you do it with the girl that attracts you.Second Date Travelling

#20 Fly on a Helicopter

You will see indescribable landscapes from a bird’s-eye view. You can add spice and ask the pilot to show some tricks.

#21 Carriage Ride

Plunge into the atmosphere of those times when only carriages went around. Put on your best suit and take a bottle of delicious wine.

#22 Porsche Ride

Nice car, the view of the night city, fluttering hair, pleasant music … It will all create a good mood for sincere conversations.

#23 Couch Surfing

If you are both adventurous, go couch surfing together. Traveling brings unexpected meetings and discoveries.

#24 Boat Trip

If there is a sea nearby, the evening on the boat will be an unforgettable pleasure. You can buy fruits, delicious food, drink wine, take warm rugs, and watch the sunset. It is the perfect atmosphere for heartwarming conversations.

Date Ideas for the City

The most convenient way to arrange a date will be organizing it in the city. There are enough ideas for a second date:Second Date City

#25 Shopping Tour

While choosing a beautiful dress or shirt, you can distract from your problems, and talk on different topics without feeling any tension.

#26 Ride the Ferris Wheel

Watching the city from above, especially at night is a pleasure for the eyes and the soul.

#27 City Tour

No doubt there is something in your city that you don’t even guess about. Take a guide who knows all the secrets of the place where you live.

#28 Watch Passers-By

Find a cafe near a large square or seafront. Discuss passers-by, guess their hobbies and interests. You can also find out many interesting details about each other.

#29 Segway Ride

This modern transport will be an ideal option on a warm summer day or evening to ride along the streets with beautiful architecture.

#30 Visit a Modern Art Exhibition

Contemporary art can be quite unordinary. But it does not get boring, does it?


Sport frees all bad energy and gives smiles and pleasure. It is especially suitable if you like outdoor activities. So here are good ideas for a second date that you can try.Second Date Sports

#31 Bicycle riding

If you like sports, take your bikes and find some unexplored places nearby. You can also have a picnic after this.

#32 Rent a Canoe

Find a river or lake nearby and enjoy, because you can choose where to sail on your own.

#33 Golf

Golf is not only a sport but also beautiful scenery, an opportunity to relax in nature.

#34 Play Tennis or Badminton

The best thing is that tennis and badminton are games for two people. Check how you can work in pair!

#35 Archery

Probably you have never had the opportunity to shoot with a bow, and if you had, do you know how exciting archery is? Test your accuracy and strength.

#36 Inline Skater Ride

Listening to your favorite music and rollerblading somewhere on the outskirts of the city – what can be more romantic?

#37 Dance Classes

How well do you move? If you are a dancer in the past, or dancing is not yours, visiting a dance course is a very good idea. Especially cool it will be if you decide to go dancing with your partner.

#38 Go to the stadium

You can choose basketball, volleyball or tennis by yourself. You can organize your leisure time on your own actively, laugh, and be in a good mood.

#39 Skateboarding

Of course, you do not need to be a master of skateboarding to help a girl resist on a skateboard, hold her hands, or embrace her so that she does not fall.

#40 White Water Rafting

If you are tired of calm, add a little extreme to your life. After such water adventures, both of you will forget about all the problems, and you can easily share your impressions.


Luckily, there are many different locations for the second date. From romantic and quiet to active and sporty – there is something for every taste. The decision is up to you: decide for yourself how your date will look like with your potential dream partner!

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