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Date Night Ideas for Married Couples

10 Date Night Ideas for Married Couples


You might have been married for a long time or a short time and it reaches a point in marriage when the fun goes out and you want to return it. You used to go out on dates before you got married and during your early years in marriage but no longer do because of job demands, children and running the household. It has become difficult to go on a date but once in a while there is that moment when you feel like it is time to rekindle the love, you feel like it is time to go on that long overdue date.  This is where date nights come in. They are a great way to keep the romance alive and ensure that you spend quality time together. Going to restaurants over and over again can get boring as all clichés and dates for married couples are supposed to be fun!

Here are some date ideas that will keep your marriage spicy as it should be. 

#1 Movie Night

You could decide to go to the cinema and have a movie night.  Consider one of those fancy cinemas where they serve you dinner as you watch a movie. On the other hand, you could organize your movie night right at home. Pick several favorites and stock up on snacks such as popcorn, sweets,  nachos, ice cream and anything else you find sweet. You can then snuggle under a blanket on the sofa and get cozy movies, cuddle and talk. You will have had the best date night and some of that passion of the early days will no doubt come back.

#2 Picnic at a Romantic Place

Look for a beautiful local spot, it could be your park or a botanical garden that is known for its peaceful nature.  Get your favorite snacks and food plus a bottle of your favorite wine. Carry a blanket to rest on and you can even bring along a couple of candles for a more romantic effect if you wish. This is quite an affordable date idea and it will calm both of you and get you out of the hustle and bustle of married life for a while. The lovely natural surroundings will also be great for your soul.

Date Ideas for Married Couples

#3 Fun Cooking Class

If you are a couple who enjoy cooking, a fun cooking class would be a great date idea. Find out various places within your city where you can attend a cooking class with amazing chefs. You will get an opportunity to meet new people and also eat all the delicacies that you have just learned to cook. Also, you can take it further and bring your new-found cooking skills and recipes back home and keep on making new and exciting dishes.  You can plan a cooking night and cook those lovely recipes.

#4 Art Gallery or Museum Visit

If you are lovers of art and history then a museum or art gallery visit would be a great date idea. Visiting these places will allow you to have a cultural experience, learn something new and just broaden your knowledge of history. You can discuss whatever you have learned and seen over lunch or dinner and make plans for your family too. It’s a quite cultural date idea.

#5 A Live Gig

There has to be at least one band, a genre of music or artist that you both love. You can check out the current live concerts in town and get tickets to attend.  Live concerts are a great way to enjoy each other’s company and also feel great about life in general. As you sing along and enjoy the music, the passion and love will automatically be rekindled.

#6 A Theater Experience

The theaters usually have something exciting showing. There is always a good show going on and chances are you will enjoy watching the show together.  If you have never had theatre experience, then you are in for a good treat. You will enjoy the performances and have a new experience as a couple. It can even become a regular thing. Go for a drink or dinner before and after the show. A look into the different world of theatre is a great date idea and might be just what you need as a couple.

#7 A Spa Session Right at Home

Spa sessions are one of those amazing activities you can do together as a couple.  It is also a great date idea. There are many freelancers and spa companies that are known to send their masseuse to your home. They bring your equipment and tidy up after they are done.  You could both pretend that you are in a fancy hotel and afterward order your dinner and enjoy it while wearing your bathrobe.

#8 A Walk on the Beach

This is a great date idea and allows you to enjoy the beauty of a lovely day on the beach.  Make sure the weather is fine for a good walk. You can even have a picnic right at the beach where it is secluded.  Take this time to connect and enjoy each other’s company. You can have long talks, air out your issues and fall in love all over again while soaking up the beauty that surrounds you.

Date Idea for Married

#9 Tent Camping

Tent camping is an amazing experience and if you have never done it, there is always a first time.  Find a tent, sleeping bags and learn all you can about camping from a veteran camper. Spend a night in safe woods or even in your backyard.  You can snuggle, roast marshmallows, tell stories and make love. A lovely outdoorsy date like this one is perfect for bringing you even closer together.

#10 An Evening of Reading

You can always curl up together for an evening of reading. Find a book that you both enjoy and read it to each other.  If you don’t like reading to each other, you can then both read your books. You can random sentences from each of your books and see whatever strange combinations they result in.


Married life is never easy and sometimes the fire can go out.  However, there is always hope for rekindling the fire. You probably met from a dating site like asiacharm.com or loveswans.com  or through other online means. It took you time to find the perfect match, which is why you shouldn’t let your marriage fail. Dates are a great way to rebuild your relationship or make it even better than it currently is. You could put off dates and focus on kids, but the truth is that kids grow up and they leave home. Don’t let your kids, careers, or other family commitments make you lose focus on the beautiful marriage you have.

The ideas above go beyond the dinner experience. Most of them are affordable and you can have them twice a month. Not all the dates nights have to happen out of your home. They can be within your home and be a lot of fun.  Now that you know some great date ideas for married couples, your date night with husband or wife should be nothing short of spectacular.

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